Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Do Republican candidates respect Republican voters?

It might not look that way, but I have tried to even keep this blog free of snark. I wanted to have real debates on issues, but it is nigh unto impossible to write about any Republican today and not find it becoming an issue of disbelief and anger that the best they can provide in terms of candidates are the trolls I saw on the debate stage in Las Vegas. Seriously, this is it, the best they have, their only real options?

Whose fault is this lack of responsible leaders for what used to be considered a conservative party? I blame the voters who elevated them to this position. These trolls represent the best they can bring forth for one reason only-- they are willing to say what their voters want to hear like that all abortion is murder, that gay marriage is evil and going to doom a culture to a Sodom and Gomorrah end.

Taking deep breaths because right about now I am already angry and I haven't even begun with what I wanted to say here.  I just read Maureen Dowd's column on what Mormons believe [Baptizing Anne Frank as a Mormon]. Actually I knew quite a lot about Mormonism having studied it early in my adult life and considered converting until I learned what that meant for what I'd have to believe.

Dowd's article was a good reminder that the most reasonable option they are offering as a presidential candidate is a Mormon in high standing. The Mormon who actually thinks for himself, Huntsman, wasn't there and doesn't stand a chance because he's not a fundamentalist; and all that better apply for being the Republican nominee must be fundamentalists. The rest all are of one religion or another.

So we have Herman Cain who says some will pay less in taxes (the rich), some will pay more (poor and middle class), but it's okay because anybody who doesn't have a lot of money has only themselves to blame for it. We have Cain who got his 9-9-9 plan from a supply side adviser where it was picked as being catchy. He does know his voter, doesn't he!

Do Republicans respect those they want to vote for them at all? I get the feeling they do not. They think they are stupid, Listening to Senator McCain attempting to smear Obama for using a tour bus, whose frame was made in Canada, as if it was a destroyer of American jobs to do so, when he had to know his own such bus was also made in Canada as was that of Bachmann. Okay he basically assumes the right winger, who hears him, is not only stupid but too lazy to do research and won't read information from any site other than the right. Is that showing respect for those to whom he is speaking? He has no more respect for their depth than I do.

It goes on and on with this business of lies. Listening to Rush Limbaugh this last week and hearing him talk about how liberals want to damage this country and then hearing Herman Cain say he believed the same thing, really? These guys believe that? Or they simply know the ones who listen to them will never stop to think about what that rhetoric means?

Limbaugh is beyond any liberal or progressive's ability to listen to him anymore. He tweaks facts, distorts consequences and unless he's stupid, which I doubt, he knows exactly what he's doing.

Okay so I give up. This will be a purely snark blog and I can't help it. I want more from Republicans. I want them to quit looking at their hate for Obama and instead think about what they are offering up. Asking too much?

Or do they assume no matter how many times they say that it's government's fault for our mess, but at the same time that they can fix it with their government ideas, and Obama should have, no matter how many times they lie about how we got to where we are, nobody will look at the facts from within their ranks?

I know there are some thinking Republicans. I'd just like to hear from them. I don't want to hear from anybody who listens to Rush Limbaugh or believes Herman Cain is the great black hope. I really see that as self-defeating for them and me. Forget that Cain is black. It should not matter. Listen to his ideas for heaven's sake. Think just a minute about the logic of any of what he says. You didn't like the idea that Obama was a powerful speaker but most of us who voted for Obama voted on his ideas (which by the way he proved to be a disappointment where it came to follow through), but it's still a better way to vote than emotions even when we get disappointed.

Incidentally for those who vote purely on abortion and gay marriage-- nobody else can hurt your marriage, just your own hate can do it.  I have become very very intolerant of anybody who doesn't support gay marriage as a human right and can't possibly think anyone who attempts to block it is a free thinker or even a thinker.

Here's something funny. Coming home, on the radio, I listened to Cain say we need to be open to new ideas when he was defending is 9-9-9 shift of the tax burden to the poor and middle from the rich. He's so open to new ideas, isn't he with his rigid fundamentalist religious creed. Oh yeah, free thinker that one!

AND if you want to ban all abortion, as Cain said he did this week-end, on an interview program, to be consistently pro-life, you better be in favor of social programs to help families, public education, and against capital punishment. If a tiny seed has value to the human race, to our culture as a whole so should a child once born; and when it needs help with health care, food, schooling. Anyone who was truly pro life would want to help that baby with all possible to help it reach its potential. IF you don't support that, you are a hypocrite and I don't have time to even read your comments, certainly not your blogs. IF you support ending all abortion as Cain does, then don't call it pro life. It's just pro meddling in someone else's business!

I can respect those who disagree with me about Obama and about good government programs but those non-thinkers, the ones who come at it purely from an antiquated religious set of values that are twisted to suit their current agendas, I am through even reading their comments. I am not speaking to those like ingineer, who come at this from a different perspective, but rather to those who claim a religion, who can read what Cain said about how Jesus was a conservative based on not taking unemployment and not throw up. For people like that they better find another place to read. You won't like this one much for the next year as it's going to be big time pro-Obama, and pushing for Americans to find candidates to run for Congress whether conservative or liberal, who can actually think and won't follow a rigid partisan platform. It will be Obama because he's the only alternative to a bunch of right wing wackos and their direction is not where I want this country going.

There are times I can be sanguine about all this but not right now when it's a battle for the soul of our nation and I see fascists, who have no compassion for anybody but themselves, being at the door. I am very disappointed there isn't a real option from the Republicans for us but the closest I can see from that stage last night was Ron Paul and he's too far out there for me to accept his solutions would really help our country. He is at least honest and sticks to his beliefs which is more than I can say for the rest of them.

Incidentally being a good debater doesn't mean someone would be a good leader! This should all be about ideas, ideas, ideas and right wing ideas right now make me sick!!!

Photo at the top and a lot of other places I was recently at are examples of government setting aside land for future generations to enjoy. That's what I call conservation. Modern Republicans do NOT have a clue what the word even means as it's all about the dollar, themselves, and their religions.


Dion said...

I found this Victoria Jackson (SNL alum) video to be fun to watch. Take a trip into the mind of a Teabagger... if you dare.

Rain said...

It says it's a link, Dion, but doesn't seem to work for me. Is it my machine's problem or the link is incomplete?

Anonymous said...

If you think 9,9,9 makes sense check out the link below. 95%+ of the population will see more federal taxes as much a 100% increase. For the top 1% ..they get a 25% reduction ! Doesn't that feel good !
read the 3rd and 4th columns from the right of full table.

Farm Boss

Dion said...

I'll try again. Victoria Jackson video

Dion said...

I give up.

wally said...

To understand whether or not Republican candidates respect Republican voters one should read "What's the Matter With Kansas?" by Thomas Frank. The book explains how using hot button issues such as abortion, gay marriage, 2nd amendment rights, etc. the Republicans sre able to distract the voters from the real problems caused by unbridled capitalism and persuade citizens to vote against their own economic interests. I think the Republican Party has a cynical disrespect for the Republican voters