Friday, September 23, 2011

The Anger Grows-- you bet

Sometimes I get so angry that it's hard to write anything logically here. This is one such time so expect a little chaos ahead. The thing is I see the people in our country on two different paths and not only do I not know how that happened but what will be the end result. There is a lot, for someone on my path, to be angry about but the one that triggered me to write here is said very well by

The reaction of the crowds going to hear the Republican candidates is totally bizarre to me. Are there a bunch more of them sitting at home and likewise cheering lack of any health care for a thirty-year old man, who has an accident but didn't have insurance? When the guy yelled let him die, were they cheering that too? Who are these people-- in the audiences and at home?

The audience for this last debate was supposed to be tea partiers. They even had on uniforms of the Revolutionary War to proudly assert who they were. So I guess that's what the tea party types think of gay servicemen, those who have the courage to serve their country in harm's way, but happen to have unfortunately (according to the right) have been born gay. Are these the ones we are supposed to believe are nice people when they cheer executions? Have they been honed to this level by Rush Limbaugh and his ilk-- and there are a lot of Limbaugh types out there on right wing radio.

You know I actually know a few tea party type folks in real time. They seem real nice right until you hear what they think of anybody who isn't one of them and then they turn nasty fast. For several years I have heard people tearing at me for my opinion of them. I've been told to ignore their stupid outfits or the tea bags hanging from their hats, and instead see them as the real deal where it comes to Americans. These are the patriots, the ones who talk so easily of revolution again if they don't get their way in the polling booths. Patriots. That's a laugh except it's not funny!

Then comes the next question-- Who are the candidates on that stage who didn't defend that soldier or how about Santorum lying about what DADT was about. It's not about open sexual expression. That's an ugly lie. No soldier, straight or gay has a right to openly have sex in front of others. That is part of their code to behave (at least when around others) properly and if they don't, they are supposed to be booted out. Now how that explains the many cases of rape in the military, rape of female soldiers by males, well that's something else again; but it's not how it is supposed to be and the rules won't change with gays able to admit publicly who they are without fear of losing their careers.

What ending DADT will mean is that a gay partner can be recognized as a life mate. That is a big deal for being notified if something bad happens or allowing them to be with the sick partner. It also enables them to attend social functions together as it should be.

That Santorum would argue about that shows who he is-- a right wing bigot and a panderer. That the other candidates on the stage didn't react with disgust to that audience, that once again acted like a bigoted mob, shows who they are-- cowards.

Okay, taking deep breaths... Then the other thing that got me yesterday was listening to Progressive talk radio when the host got one call after another from people claiming to be rich, those who would be impacted by increasing the tax rate from currently 35% to 39% on the part of their income above a certain level, they claimed this was demonizing them and would destroy their incentive to make money.

Who believes this garbage? I'd really like to know. According to a chart that Rachel Maddow showed on her program last night, the Koch brothers have grown their wealth tremendously during the last 10 years and have less employees now than they had back then. So they got wealthier and they cut jobs. I would not be surprised if many like them want this country to have massive unemployment so people are willing to work for pennies. It's all about them and there is NEVER enough money for somebody like that.

So if the wealthy, who have profited so much by so many services paid for by other people like transportation, police, fire protection, education, if they feel put upon and consider themselves demonized, I say I don't care. They have been demonizing the poor and blaming them for not having more money. They have demonized unions to convince the middle class people to work against their own best interests. Maybe people like that deserve to be demonized.

What I'd like to know is how many people in our country are like this? How many would cheer at executions? How about boo a soldier actually serving in the military for daring to want to be honest about who he is? Who is really supporting the yahoos up on that platform who won't say a word when they know the truth but are afraid of the reaction of that same mob? Who the heck are American people? I hope those in the Republican party who don't think this way will stand up and be counted and that means for the candidates too.

Oh and how come we are being bombarded week after week by these candidates on TV and getting all the coverage for their debates? Is that going to go on for the whole next year until we have the conventions? Good thing I don't watch regular TV but I can't avoid the coverage of it if I watch news. I'll have to think about that one!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Rain, I share your anger and I get a very sick feeling in my stomach if I allow myself to think of any of these light weight people being elected.

Anonymous said...

how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do