Friday, August 19, 2011

The united states of what?

Here's the thing, as I see it. The right wing with the help of some rich billionaires, has turned government into the bad guy. It's as if government is some evil entity out to take what everybody else has worked to get. The concept that government is what we said we wanted done, that's foreign to the ones who only see a dollar as of value.

So inspecting meat, monitoring pollution, setting standards for what can be put in water, maintaining roads and bridges, public schools, libraries, programs for the handicapped, elders, and the needy, to the right wing, pffft to it all.  There was a reason for those programs but a very selfish (plus I think short-sighted) current generation has been led to believe there is not. Because some of them failed or weren't what they should be, they are being told they should be gutted-- except for a mightier and mightier military anyway.

Right wingers talk about cutting the budget but they don't get specific. At least I do admire that about Rick Perry. He's specific. He has shown what it means to follow a right wing agenda for Texas with less high school graduates, less health care for those who cannot afford it, less regulations on pollution, lower wages and his desire to see Social Security and Medicare be declared unconstitutional. He does this all with an arrogant swagger that worked for GW Bush and who knows might again. Palin proved how much righties admire arrogance.

What I wonder is how many people who bemoan tax cuts on those making over one million dollars a year, how many of them who want less government realize what that will look like in twenty more years. It all began under Ronald Reagan to dismantle what earlier generations worked to create with a government that did serve the people. It is coming to a culmination now with a Supreme Court who is totally on the side of corporations and a Republican party that only considers extreme right wing figures as their nominees.

Is this America? Is it what we will find our country looking like if these people take over all power? The righties who support this really don't have a clue that most of them will only lose under it. They are simply into the idea that when the rich get more, they somehow win by that. They like the idea of less freedoms for American people and a dictatorship under someone else's concept of God where you no longer have personal freedoms but corporations can do whatever they want.

We will know in 2012 who Americans really are. Is this really a united states for all the people or every man for himself? Right now I don't have the foggiest idea.

And for anybody who says I am an Obama apologist on this, sorry but you don't know me at all. When we got called, twice now, asking to donate to Obama, we said no soap, not unless he truly becomes the progressive we thought he was. Oh, we'll vote for him. What is the option? Surely nobody could seriously see me voting for a Romney, Perry or Bachmann, but if the Republican party had a real conservative candidate, which they do not, then I don't know what I'd do.

Obama has been a disappointment but not because he went too far left. It's because he didn't fight for the values I believe made this country so powerful and are being threatened-- concern for us all and a belief that it's a ship that the weakest take down if we don't work to make it possible for everybody to have a chance. Damn to the talk that we want everybody to have happiness. This isn't about that. It's about everybody having a real chance to work for it and for the weakest citizens to be protected. College right now is hard for the middle class to get degrees and soon won't be possible for anybody but the wealthy and how long after before a high school diploma will go with it if the Perry mentality keeps  growing in this nation.


Dion said...

"Oh, we'll vote for him. What is the option?" Rain

What if they held an election and no one showed up. What if we didn't go out to vote for either of the corporate controlled political parties or their underlings. What if we admitted Obama and his administration is corrupted by corporate interest and we were fools to have wasted time, money, and love for a smooth talking corporate front man. Sure, I'll speak for myself. I wasted time, money, and love on Obama, the corporate front man.

What if we accept the country is in economic ruin and the two-party system is as fascist as can be. What if we give up any hope for a savior in the form of a politician?

I could go on, I could go into healthcare, war, banking regulation, climate change... yes, I could go on.

I certainly have an option to not vote for Obama or anyone else that the two party system produces. Imagine the power of no one voting. Imagine telling the powers that be that we now fully realize our bondage. It would be a turning point.

If nobody voted would the media bother to report it.

Rain said...

You can do that and I can see the temptation but to me what the right wing is going to put up means I do not have that choice. What the right wants is nobody to show up-- from the left. That means they get to keep all the power for themselves. We (meaning my family) could only have the choice to not vote for Obama if there was an option out there from the Republican party or an independent with our values. Any of those though are likely to throw the presidency to a Bachmann or Perry and it's hard to say which of them is worse. You think it's bad now or was bad under Bush. Give either of those two a chance at it and it'll be worse in my opinion. But anybody can choose to not vote but when a leftie does, the right is chuckling...

Snowbrush said...

Maybe you heard about Texas taking money that is set aside to help the indigent and using it to keep the government running so that they won't have to accept fiscal responsibility. That's how the right would reduce spending.

Snowbrush said...

P.S. I'm with Dion to the extent that I'm through voting for someone I can't stand simply because he's the less worst option. But, my thought is that, instead of not voting at all, why not vote for someone you believe in?

Rain said...

It would be hard to imagine anybody in the November election other than Obama where that would be true, Snowbrush. I would like it if it were and could see myself voting for an alternative in the primary if one runs who I think could seriously take on the right wing in the main election. I do not though want to see a Bachmann or Perry profit from our disappointment in Obama. We have to keep in mind what they will do if they get power. I believe as you said that Perry is corrupt based on the list of donors who profited from their gifts to him. More is likely to come up, I suspect.

Snowbrush said...

"It would be hard to imagine anybody in the November election other than Obama where that would be true..."

The election is nearly a year and a half away, and I wasn't thinking about a Democrat necessarily.

I had another thought about Dion's suggestion. The conservatives have candidates that they like, so any attempt to make a statement by refusing to vote would only involve Democrats and some independents. This means that staying home wouldn't constitute a protest so much as an abdication. Yet, I can't imagine voting for Obama again. I had such hope when he was elected, and now voting for him a second time simply to keep a Republican out would be further than I would be willing to go. That draught would taste too bitter.

Rain said...

I'd agree with you about that except for who that Republican might be and what Bush did to us. The damage of a right wing religious zealot to our freedoms is hard to even imagine. They talk finance but immediately jump to social issues. And their financial talk is mostly about benefiting the rich. I hope that things look brighter next year.

Rain said...

And it's not just to block a Republican as in generic. The thing is, people said how much damage can GW do and look at what happened in those years. Get a Perry or a Bachmann in power and we'll end up with a marriage amendment to the Constitution, blocking all abortions and who knows what else. There is a huge difference in how these people see our country and how it should be. If the right nominates someone like Huntsman, I'd reevaluate my position but I consider that unlikely. I'd still disagree with is policy positions but it'd not be as bad as the others on the platform right now who scare me a lot. Obama, effective or not, is not doing the damage they can do even if he's also not doing what most of us on the left wanted.