Friday, August 12, 2011

That was then and this is now

Using the excuses of improving our economy by lowering taxes on our richest segments, likewise that we could ship jobs overseas and somehow improve our lives, that denying some medical care would get more money for others, that we didn't need regulations on anything because corporations would do it wisely themselves, that we should fight wars overseas somehow to keep ourselves safer, that a public education system is bad and we should depend on corporations to educate our children, that universities are hotbeds of wild thinking about things like evolution hence we only need again the corporate system that will yield doctorates to people based on their say so and no idea what education those people actually got, we have gotten into one hell of a mess  as a people.

From the looks of it the same thing is happening around the world, with blame easy to put on left and right ideologies for how it got here. There is a very weird illogic system in place with a large segment of our population who listen to someone like Palin when she says she told us that our debt would ruin our credit rating as a people. Excuse me but maybe what impacted that (if we assume the ones at S&P used any logic), was a segment of leaders who said they wouldn't pay their bills and if they became the majority the debts owed would be ignored. But people who listen to Palin could care less about logic. And you can take that to the bank!

Try reasoning with any right wing person and after awhile you get to feeling as though you are talking to someone who had been moon-blinked as described in the stories of the owls of Ga'Hoole. They do not deal with facts or issues and their favorite tactic is insults and sometimes if the discussion is online, it becomes crude.

(Incidentally for anybody from the right who actually reads my words before saying something crude and rude, your disagreeing comment will only make it here if you use logic in the argument. Insults-- pfffft!)

My son came out this week one evening to pick up his two boys, and he asked the question as his frustration was as great as mine about our situation today-- How do we reach people who are not operating from facts but rather from feelings?  I have no clue and have been trying for a long time.

When people tell everybody that a president must tell the world and everybody else how exceptional they are, they are demanding lies to satisfy their egos. They don't want any of the programs today that would help us maintain what used to be our exceptionalism. They want, I guess, to ride on the coattails of those who came before and were exceptional, who understood a public education system of superior quality mattered if a nation wanted to be a democracy where the people could vote wisely. This was a population who understood, in sufficient numbers, that the government not only can do good things like maintaining public libraries, but should!

I about go nuts when I hear a rightie put down public education as a way to save money. They do this by saying it doesn't work. Oh and corporate education works so much better when it can produce a doctoroate for someone like Bachmann's husband where he then goes around saying people can pray to change someone's gender and it works. I don't doubt for a second they can brainwash someone into denying their nature. That happens regularly but to change sexual orientation!?! Oh, doubtless, they can pray to get them to ignore what it is, to deny what it is, to even use secret perversions to hide what it is, but change it? No, they cannot but the place he got his degree wasn't teaching facts, and it was able to give a degree based on ideology because we have lost track of what an education means.

The people who put down that public education are likewise those who most likely benefited from one. They were able to attend college at a time where anybody with a B average in high school and who had taken college prep classes in high school could pay their way by part time jobs. That's was then and this is now where a university degree can put someone in hock for years and years. It's not enough that students pay back the loans, Republicans want the interest to begin the moment they get the money, hence multiplying what it will end up costing them. No wonder we hear of kids prostituting themselves to pay tuition. That suits a certain mentality of American, I guess.

My concern for the future of the middle class is obviously becoming stronger as I have grandchildren growing up who will someday be trying to make their own way in a world that seems to value none of what I remember it valuing.

American exceptionalism has to be earned and it cannot be done by saying I only want to pay for what benefits me. It has to be done by seeing us as a whole, seeing government as a valuable tool that must be kept effective and honed, ready to use as well as looking at what programs and tax codes will help us compete in the world.

You cannot fix a bridge by sitting on your hands (and wallet) saying government cannot do anything right. You cannot ignore the history of the situation that if corporations end up maintaining all of our infrastructure (for their profit not ours) with no oversight by anybody else, we will end up with a lot of it crumbling.

We are not exceptional people by just being born here. It's what we do with what we are given when we stepped into life in a very beneficial environment. Destroying that all to prop up some rich people while we ignore the educational system that could let future generations work for what earlier ones got, well that makes me so mad I cannot even write about it without a rise in blood pressure.

I don't deny that we have had programs that didn't work or do what was intended. Fix them. Don't destroy them and don't tell me that all that should matter is what benefits you and then claim to be a patriotic American. You are just a selfish one.


Kay Dennison said...

As always, you present a well-thought, logical premise on something that has nagged at me for a long time. How are these young people supposed to pay off their loans working at Burger King? It'd JOBS that are the answer.

Ingineer66 said...

That was a really long rant, but I did read every word. I agree with most of it, but I do have to disagree with parts of it. I feel like Obama is doing exactly what you complain about the right doing. He is sticking by his left-wing ideology with his rhetoric. He says we need to raise taxes in one speech to pander to his base and his feelings of wealth redistribution then in the next speech he talks about how his reduction in the payroll tax has helped the economy. He talks like a Democrat and how horrible Republicans are then he keeps most of the Bush policies in place because that is what works.

And blaming the Tea Party for the current economic mess this nation is in is like blaming the guy that pulled the fire alarm for the fire. If your credit card balance was the same as your annual income and you were still increasing your borrowing, you would have creditors concerned about your ability to pay it back too.

And Kay that is a very good question. But that is what the Democrat party wants for this nation. With all the environmental restrictions and labor rules and taxes and such, they do not want us to build anything here anymore. The National Labor Relations Board has said that Boeing cannot make planes at the new plant they built in North Carolina because it is not union. Even Obama has praised how the US is now a service economy. Well working at Starbucks with a college degree is not my idea of the American Dream.

Rain said...

Yeah well I am not thrilled with Obama either and agree he's not all I would like. What kind of option are you righties apt to offer for 2012? Bachmann, Perry? Perry is the latest to have the right salivating. He's a governor who hasn't been that great, spouts religious jargon and wanted Texas to secede if they didn't get their own way. Seriously? Him! I mean you put up these right wing extremists and leave a leftie nowhere to go. Or you give an option like McCain who isn't that bad in terms of extremism (even I disagree with his views) but he picks Palin for VP. Seriously!! Give us a realistic option!

But I won't be voting for someone who believes in destroying all the government programs that help the middle while keeping those that enhance the wealth of the rich. Safety net bah but subsidies to oil corporations hurrah! And I should think at all about voting for such?! Frankly that anybody from the middle would seriously consider it amazes me. I can barely stand to listen to them talk as they'd make college more and more impossible for the middle and end public education for children. Yeah that's impressive. They talk about freedoms while taking away that of women to have abortions or gays to be married. The Republican party today, for people like me, is an anathema to all I believe is important. Any reasonable option in that party will be thrown out.

I don't blame tea party for our situation. I think they are nuts to think we can fix this all without tax increases as well as spending. I don't respect how they talk anytime I hear them-- especially their leaders. They aren't making it better and they are why the S&P downgraded the US. I will tell you if I had loaned someone money and they then said they'd not be paying it back unless they felt like it, you think I'd loan them more???


As long as we have a President without guts we will continue to be dragged down by the Palin etc, gang. The Pres. is a talker with no backbone and I voted for him -- I was hood winked for sure.-- barbara

P.S. Maybe I should join the Mafia to protect myself from these hoodlums in Congress.

Rain said...

I got a call today from the Obama people asking for donations. I told them I'd have to see more than I have so far or we'd not be donating this time. I might have to vote for him if the alternative is someone like Perry *gagging* but I don't have to donate to someone who has not put out his all for the values I thought he had. It's disappointing to say the least. But the problem is what the Republicans are throwing out there ack!

Ingineer66 said...

I am going to have to do more research on Perry. Other Texas creating most of the jobs in the US in the last few years, I don't know much about him.

I see Pawlenty dropped out. I liked some of his ideas.

Rain said...

The jobs Texas 'created' may have more to do with high profits in oil industry and they say are mostly low paying jobs. They say if it's him, this will be a real cultural debate as he is very right wing religiously and would end Social Security and medicare as being unconstitutional (or so he has said at one time). He would be bad news to me other than he'd never pick Bachmann as his running mate which Romney is likely to do. Perry won't need another extremist on his ticket.