Monday, August 01, 2011

Cut the baby in half

The deadline for deciding on raising the debt ceiling, almost led to the United States refusing to pay its debts. What would have happened had Obama and Democrats not agreed to compromise is anybody's guess. A certain group of people didn't care what it did to the people in this country, to the world, to anybody; and there is a Bible story that fits this situation quite well.

Solomon was a wise king who basically served as judge and jury over disputes of his people. Two women came to him with such a dispute. Both women claimed a baby was theirs. With no DNA back then, he had to figure it out. Finally he said, he'd cut the baby in half and each woman could have half. One woman said basically-- suits me. The other cried no, don't do it. Let her have the baby. He gave the baby to her as she obviously loved the baby as a true mother would while the other didn't care.

So here we are today with many finding fault with Obama for agreeing to the Republican terms (which were no tax increases on the rich, no increases of revenue, and only spending cuts which mostly will hurt the poor and middle) to prevent the country from going into default. One faction of the Republican party doesn't care. They say let the country go into destruction to avoid them losing any ground at all. So tell me who really loves the country, the whole of the country?

Nobody will deny Obama has made some big mistakes with how he handled the debt ceiling. He could have dealt with it last year before the election when he had a majority. But his biggest mistake has been to believe that a certain segment of Republicans truly do love this country. They talk a good show, flags and all, but when it comes down to it-- cut the baby in half!


Kay Dennison said...

Perfect analogy!!!!!!!!

wally said...

We’ve only had a debt ceiling in this country since 1917. Until then the President could borrow and spend with little Congressional oversight. There has been no need for a debt ceiling since 1974 when the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act was passed. Since then the President submits his proposed budget to Congress and they go through the processes of resolution and reconciliation to finalize the budget and appropriate funds to pay for it.
This year that process broke down. The Republican/Tea Party element refused to compromise and steam rolled the President and Democrats into a process that will affect the middle class and the poor for years to come. The far right politicians seem to have no sense of history (in fact they are revisionists) or of tradition political practices. Compromise is a part of the American political process. It helps to ensure that one political party doesn’t pull the country too far to the left or right. And it prevents political ideologies from being forced downs the throats of the citizens.
In 2001 as Bill Clinton left the White House he left us with a balanced budget. On Jan 21, 2009 President Obama received the blame for a collapsed economy, the bursting of the housing bubble, high unemployment, and the bail out of the wall street miscreants. What happened in the intervening eight years? No conservative acquaintance of mine has every made a connection between the presidency of George W. Bush and the condition of the economy.
But, let’s take heart. The Republicans assure us that cutting taxes will spur the economy and increase revenues even though it has never happened in the past and there is no evidence that it will happen. They also encourage us with the word that we’ll all be better off when Social Security is privatized (assuming Wall St. doesn’t pull another fast one on us) and the Health Care bill is revoked.
In my opinion the Republican/Tea party leaders see that America has seen it’s day. We’re beginning to sink and they are going to get all they can and escape in a life boat made of money while the rest of us go down with the ship.


This dysfunctional government is bad news for our country, middle and poor citizens and our future that will be in this muck for a few more elections. In the meantime, "ashes, ashes, we all fall down," to quote an old jingle.Commentator Wally is on to something.