Saturday, July 30, 2011

A rant

Right now I am so angry at what the right is trying to do to this country that I simply feel like screaming. What are they really all about? That's what I'd like to know.

The answer for this 'manufactured' debt ceiling crisis, if they want to be honest, is to pass a new budget and not use the device of a spending limit. They are, as usual, putting attention on one thing to avoid responsibility for their choices.

What we are seeing now in the Congress and among their supporters is like the family who go into a department store, buy a lot of stuff and then say they will only pay part of it. That is responsibility?

Balance the budget if people want that, but do it with the budget, not this dishonest and very un-conservative method. I have so little respect right now for the right wing that it is hard to believe. I didn't think it could go lower but it has. I didn't think they could seem more stupid and cruel but they have.

They passed all these budgets, agreed to all the spending, all the projects, with plenty of pork for their own districts (check out if Ron Paul on that). If they want to change that, do it honestly by an up front new budget where they can be on record for voting to end spending for this or that project. Is that too much to ask for from Republicans?

One more thing-- the right has gone out of their way to lower taxes on the rich (part of why they now say we have a crisis). They want to cut SS, Medicare and any program for the poor or middle which would end even public education if some get their way. Has it occurred to any of them what that means for individual spending and businesses?

When the rich get a tax cut, they frankly don't increase their spending as they already have all they want. This happens with people even up the economic chain. When you already can buy all you want, what does the tax cut do for you? It has you putting it in the bank or increasing your stock market investments most probably.

The poor or those on SS get a cut on what is available and they already were spending all they had. Now they won't have as much and there go more businesses into failure. These people in the tea part either don't have a clue or truly do want to destroy our economy and this country. If they destroy it, kill the goose who laid those golden eggs, how long do they think it will work for them? Or is this all about wanting a nation of serfs with the only jobs those that serve their masters?

Yes, some social programs have been abused. Fine. Fix them. Don't go at it like a spoiled child. Act like an adult. They say this is like us with our home budgets. Well in my home budget, I pay for what I bought!


Kay Dennison said...

You know that I'm angry, too, and that I agree with every syllable you wrote!

Linda said...

Well, they aren't the sharpest tacks in the box is my guess and politicians play to their lack of critical thinking skills. My take is they honestly don't give a damn about anything or anyone other than themselves and so to try and reason with them is hopeless.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Having worked in Human Services (Welfare) for part of my career, "fixing" these programs is what makes them more expensive. Adding rules, "hoops" to make the "undeserving" jump through requires a lot of overhead and personnel to ensure people are jumping through them. If you REALLY want to save money on Welfare, for example, just give them a check and show them the door - that is the CHEAPEST way to go.

Reagan got incensed about people driving "Welfare Cadillacs". A bunch of rules were put into place which increased the cost of determining eligibility. It had NO effect on the kind of cars people could figure out how to drive.

That is just ONE federal program. I am sure you can rinse and repeat for most of them all.

Rain said...

I am not a total progressive or liberal if it requires being willing to just hand people checks who are not willing to work and don't mind pretending to be needy. When I say I want it fixed, I mean I want it to go to those who really do need the help even if it costs more to administer it.

Having just been juror on a trial where I'd bet the four adults (one defendant and three witnesses) were all probably getting aid and using it for drugs and alcohol, I am not sure what the answer for this is but it's detrimental to ignore that there are people bilking the system and using their free time for things none of us would admire. I don't know how we fix it, and I realize whatever we do, some will be cheating it, but I just want to do what can be done to keep the help for those who really do need it-- and I would trust the professionals in the field to figure that part out. If they are dishonorable about it (and I've known others who do that job and are not), then we are screwed.

Rain said...

and in case that wasn't clear, I mean I have known honorable case workers besides you, who are doing their job as best they can to be sure help goes to those who do need it and even helping some get off it when there are ways. The problem we face in an economy with less jobs and some people really incapable of working is even with that we will have increasing numbers of folks needing assistance or they will starve or turn to crime...

June Calender said...

I'm so glad othees, like you, are ranting. I feel too helpless to raise my voice or tap my fingers to say how helpless I feel watching politicians I did not vote for and would never wish to have represent me selfishly, arrogantly and ignorantly destroy life for the majority of American while the wealthy upper layer will feel no pain. Thanks for your post.

Ingineer66 said...

Robert, am I reading your response correctly? Your solution would be to give the maximum grant to whomever showed up to ask for it?

Sometimes I think we should use a similar system in Afghanistan. Just fly over the villages and drop money out of helicopters. It may be cheaper than what we are doing and probably cause fewer US casualties.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I honestly have no clue how TANF (old Welfare) workers are managing today. If you have highly skilled experienced workers out there who cannot get hired, how the hell does anyone think that an illiterate mother of three with a drug addicted boyfriend is going to get hired by ANYONE in this economy.

Over HALF the people receiving TANF are unprepared or unsuitable for employment due to health, dependency, education, appearance... the list goes on. At minimum wage a mother cannot put three kids in child care and earn enough money to support herself. Impossible!!

A welfare grant today does not even cover rent. The only thing that TANF does in today's environment is keep our streets from looking like India.

Rain said...

You bring up the problem that is concerning a lot of Americans, Robert. How do we deal with what you describe? Now when the person is say slightly mentally or physically disabled, I don't have a problem with the money even knowing they could probably work but as you say, who would hire them?

Here's the thing when you see what I saw at that trial, you see people who probably could not get a job, just as you say, because they abuse alcohol or drugs, but they are also scary people. They are the kind you really do not want to know if you live a remotely normal life. They live in places like trailer parks or housing projects with others like themselves and those who find themselves there and aren't like them. They are threatening to those around them who have reason to fear what they would do.

Your response though is inspiring me to write a blog about this because I don't think our country can afford to keep doing what we have been doing. The money is not there and soon it will impact Social Security and a lot of other programs. We have thrown money at a lot of problems which has created even larger societal ones. Prison isn't cheap either.

So, I think it's worth exploring more than just here as a comment as the tea party isn't wrong that there's a problem. I just think they are unrealistic as to the solutions to it which don't seem to me to be simple at all. They want some John Wayne type solution and that doesn't exist in the real world but a lot of people have confused fiction with non-fiction for solutions.