Tuesday, July 05, 2011

GOP Party of Debt and Deficits

I REALLY liked this article because it's what I have been saying. It might seem to some people that Bush was a failed president for taking a nation that was solvent, where there were jobs and where the deficit was shrinking and turning it into a state with a burgeoning debt and no obvious way out as jobs are disappearing. It might seem that way but it's not the case because he succeeded in what he was sent to do. Read the article for more on what is going on and how it serves a certain group's agenda.


Kay Dennison said...

Well said but there are no surprise here. I see and live with John Kasich's idiocy every day!

In Ohio we are fighting back and I helped with the petitions as much as I could to get the repeal of SB 5 -- the union-busting bill -- on the ballot in November. The good news is we were successful beyond all expectations -- 1.5 million signatures!!!

I hope that our successful grass roots efforts inspire our brothers and sisters in other states to follow our lead.

We are Ohio and we're taking a stand! I'm hoping it will mean a lot of GOP candidates are going down in November.

Robert the Skeptic said...

The GOP didn't give a rip about debt and deficits, they only fan the flames of the populists agendas in order to manipulate the public. But exploit this topic they will, just like they exploited "gay marriage" and "national security" and any other topic that could be whipped up into a froth of votes. Seriously, they only care about making rich people more rich.