Monday, June 06, 2011

Would you vote for him again?

What most of us had come to assume has been admitted by Representative Anthony Weiner. He joins a hall of many many leaders who have done something they are ashamed of and lie to cover it up-- for as long as they can.

If Weiner had told the truth right away, as soon as the photos surfaced, the result of this would be different. He thought he could lie though, somehow thought he could cover it up, and he added that to his list of sins. They often say the cover-up is worse than the crime for these politicians and in a lot of cases, like with Bill Clinton, that turns out to be the case.

Now the question is whether it ends his political career. And that's the question for here. Would you vote for a politician who had done such a thing and lied about it? Some of them resign or say they won't run again. Those who committed a crime particularly, like Eliot Spitzer, pretty much don't have a choice. But what about those that committed a moral sin?

Should he have resigned? Would you vote for someone from your own party, who you had liked very much before you found out he/she had an ego problem like this, was prone to lie when necessary to save his/her bacon or had a sexual addiction? It looks like it was a consensual sort of thing, mutual sexual flirtations with women who were sending him encouragement, BUT it's not nothing. Is it too much in a leader? What should we expect from them in that area? For some, sexual moral behaviors are the most important character issues.


Celia said...

Good question Rain. He's a disappointment but who would replace him? I have approved of much of his politics, and that is worth quite a bit. Will he be effective now after he lied to us? Is this a case of sticking with the known "evil?'" The idiots are wearing me down.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Had Weiner admitted his error from the start, that would have shown far more integrity than his admitting the transgression after a long week of tap dancing.

If he doesn't have integrity he is not electable.

Rain said...

I agree totally. He comes across as a low life rat, and it's not the internet sex but the lies. He lied to a lot of very good people, looked them right in the eye and lied, putting the blame on someone else, anything but facing the truth until more photos came out and he couldn't get away with lying any longer.

He didn't admit this out of guilt but he was cornered like a rat. I hope some Democrat runs against him as it'd be very hard to vote for a Republican as I feel about their stand on a multitude of issues, but Weiner doesn't deserve to be in a position of leadership when he is that deceptive.

It's hard to say what his wife will do about this long-term as she begins to think more about what this means regarding his character, his willingness to use people. The cover-up shows his character more than the illicit sex.

Rain said...

One thing I think is this is a moral issue, however one sees it, not a political one. Clearly there are leaders in both parties who commit these sexual sins and try or even succeed in lying to cover it up. It looks like the Republicans will try to use this as a distraction from the issues our country faces and this is not one of them. We shouldn't let them get away with it by continuing to debate Weiner. The House will investigate it and if he used government employees for any part of an attempted cover-up, he'll be out whether he wants to resign or not.

The issues now have to be deficit, taxes, wars, environment, social services, education, etc. The Weiner story is a human one which might be of interest to discuss further in that light (in my other blog actually), but not in a political sense. If Republicans, which I give Boehner credit he has not, try to keep the light on this, it's because they don't want it on other things that matter a lot more in a political sense.

la peregrina said...

He should resign if only to show other politicians that there are grave consequences for politically stupid behavior- which includes lying when you are caught.

I guess these these guys don't remember what happened to former Colorado Senator and presidential candidate Gary ("All of us must try to hold ourselves to the very highest standards of integrity and ethics, and soundness of judgment... ”) Hart back in 1987. I guess it's true that those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

Rain said...

It's a big loss for us on the left because he was a strong voice for liberal causes but I agree. He went too far and who can trust him now. Not me for sure frankly on anything. It's a real shame but he did it to himself.

Ingineer66 said...

It is like Nixon and Clinton and so many others. It is not so much the original act, it is the cover up that causes the most trouble.