Friday, June 10, 2011

Soundbites for Idiots

One of the most frustrating aspects to trying to talk to extreme right wing people (those who used to say they were teabaggers [yes, they did and they had hats with tea bags hanging from them] until they found out that had another meaning they didn't like so much and now call themselves tea partiers even though they don't have much of an idea what that meant either regarding what was behind the Boston Tea Party) anyway the most frustrating part of talking to such people is they do not base anything on facts. They rearrange and use things and they have had an expert guide to doing it in Glenn Beck.

So we have a group of people who deny the science of global climate change using a few oil company paid scientists to refute what hundreds of other scientists have said as well as the evidence of their own eyes. Because Romney dared tell the truth about it, Limbaugh declared his candidacy over.

These people, who happen to also be voters, avoid facing facts whenever it doesn't suit their previous agenda. They are fundamentalists whether religious ones or not. They know all they need to know and Sarah Palin is their hero.

An excellent example of this happened recently with those who would deny history if Palin says they should, who will use whatever bits of history they do know to try and fit some current political agenda.

These same people want public schools ended and it's not hard to see why given their lack of respect for education or intelligence. Private schools will teach their children whatever they decree.

These people cheer when a candidate suggests a three page document is all any should ever be on any issue because he's not going to bother to read more than that. They cheer whatever is said that suits what they already believe and deny the rest. Which is why Paul Revere matters right now.

First there is what Sarah Palin said about him:
"He who warned the British that they weren't gonna be takin' away our arms by ringing those bells, and makin' sure as he's riding his horse through town to send those warning shots and bells that we were going to be sure and we were going to be free."

"You know what? I didn't mess up about Paul Revere. Part of his ride was to warn the British that we're already there. That, 'Hey, you're not going to succeed. You're not going to take American arms."
In my opinion, if she had normal type folks as followers, they would laugh it off saying-- there goes Sarah again; and not feel a need to defend whatever she says as gospel. It also would not require that they stop voting for her to laugh it off; but her zombies (brain's not needed minions) get all their information from one source and have to defend their princess. They don't have a choice in their own minds about defending her because it is also defending themselves. She is "who must be right". If someone asks her what she reads for information that becomes a gotcha question to them also. They are zombies not for their political opinions but because they are mind-numbed and fact challenged.

So because this matters, let's look at this from a historic viewpoint, not a pro NRA one. The British, when Paul Revere rode to warn the colonists according to his own writings, were not out to take the arms of the Americans. Paul Revere's purpose was not to warn the British even if he did get captured by them and at that time tell them the Colonists would resist. The British wanted to police the Colonists, control them, get taxes from them, but coming to their homes to take their guns. Where did she get that?

Every one of us who went to school knows what Revere did and maybe she did too (not sure about that), but what she wanted was a political soundbite that would play with those type of people I mentioned above. So this instead became that he was out there to warn the British to back off and leave us our guns.

Most of the country was going -- say what? But not her followers. They were looking for a way to make this true. They were looking for a way to rewrite Wikipedia to fit it. They will defend it every which way they can because to attack her is to attack them. Their reputation rides on hers which sounds crazy to someone like me who doesn't feel I am Barack Obama but it has to be how that weird faction of the right thinks.

Yes, Revere was captured. Yes, he did tell the British that the colonists were ready to fight them but that was his purpose? That was the important part of that ride instead of warning his friends? Give me a break! And keep in mind there are writings out there about what he himself said he was doing that night.

Why does this matter? Well because these people vote. They are about 1/3 of the Republicans who do vote. It isn't just that Palin doesn't make sense when she talks (unless you are one of hers), it's that they will only vote for someone who says what they want to hear. We could laugh about that when it was listening to a hack like Rush Limbaugh, who wouldn't know a fact if it bit him on his fat butt, but we should not laugh because these people vote and if it is not Palin, it'll be someone just like her because that's all they want in power-- ignorant, arrogant and speaking their language.

These are the same people who are denying global climate change, denying evolution and among them are those who believe dinosaurs existed side by side with men. Despite eight years of evidence, they still think that if they cut taxes more on the wealthiest, more jobs will flow in for everybody else (or they don't believe it and are lying about it).

One final point on that time in our history. There was an English Muster Law of 1572 that actually mandated that the colonists have guns and militias. Palin was trying to imply in her original statement that Revere was trying to warn the Colonists that the British were coming for their guns. NRA donations pour in on that kind of talk; but reality people, those who knew history before the Palinbots try to rewrite it, they know Revere's purpose that night.

Now once the war actually started, that is when the British would have been interested in finding secret arms' caches, but for her to imply that was the purpose for Revere's ride, that her own far right element would try to justify it, that's the thing that should scare Republicans as well as people like me. You could give those people the facts but then they'd just insult you because that's how the game works.

This matters that she is ignorant and that she and many others trying to run right now are trying to twist history to suit their own agendas. But there's a more important reason it matters. These people will defend this woman no matter what she says. They and the Rush Limbaugh addicts simply cannot use facts and it's why we are heading to where we are in this country where if they get enough voters to go along with them we will have a government with no need or use for facts on anything.

Why she said what she did was for a soundbite, to put out a political statement that would appeal to the Limbaugh types who are scared to death that Obama secretly wants their AK47s. Despite him saying nothing of the kind, despite all the evidence of more guns and ease of purchasing high powered weapons than ever, she said it for the ignorant, the fearful, the smug and the ones who will insult anybody who dares to tell them the truth.

Update: This is a link about the tour guide and how he thinks Palin mixed up the Paul Revere story. Frankly what I think is she's someone (and her followers) who always hears what she wants to hear. To me anybody can get mixed up but not anybody will then try to rewrite history to prove they were right.

I heard a bit of Rush Limbaugh as he tried to justify Sarah Palin this last week. He had one of his usual pseudo experts, like David Barton, on his program to discuss the 'truth' of Paul Revere. This is a lot like the 'experts' he gets to discuss science or anything else. The sad part is those who hear Limbaugh and claim they now know more than any history book or reading of Revere's actual papers because the only experts they respect are those who parrot back what they want to hear. I am more disgusted with them than Palin. Frankly they have had a lot to do with creating her.

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