Monday, June 13, 2011

More on the Weiner story

Although even here, I don't use language that is considered crude, I feel this story requires it; so if such offends you, quit reading right now.

Since the Anthony Weiner story broke, I have had mixed feelings on whether he should resign, have gone back and forth on my opinion, and this article says well why I am not so sure as some about it. One moment I think yeah he should go. The next I ask-- did this reflect on his job?

We know Republican politicians and pundits say he should go (no surprise), but many of them don't say the same thing about Senator David Vitter who did more than cyber sex and who broke a law in doing it. They are helping that offender raise more money to run again. They don't even answer if someone asks them about this discrepancy.

The Democrats say he should go because they are afraid it will impact them in 2012. That's more about selfishness than fairness. It is also possibly because some of them fear their own lives might get an inspection that they cannot safely endure.

So this all brings back something I said after the Clinton scandals. You know we, Democrats, elected Clinton twice even though we knew exactly who he was in terms of sexually. So far as I know, only two women claimed he got out of line with them when they didn't consent to it and he didn't rape or molest them just was disgustingly inappropriate. But we elected him anyway. Why was that do you think?

How many women do you think there are who have never had a man put his hand where it didn't belong, who never had a man say uninvited suggestive things? Of those who had that happen, how many brought charges? If nothing more followed, most women let it go and avoid the creep in the future which is what the women that Clinton made a failed pass at did. Should it have meant he not be elected to an office again? Well Republicans would say yes. There is a reason Democrats don't.

It's because of this little saying I had back then. The language is a bit salty possibly and it can get cruder depending on who I am talking to and how well they tolerate certain words. The mildest version is here and it explains why I would vote for a Weiner over a Bush whether one was sexually pure or not.

Democrats attempt to screw certain women but Republicans attempt to screw us all.

You see it time after time where the Republicans cut taxes on the richest to cut programs on the poorest, where they start wars for secretive reasons and send off many, of the same ones they screwed, to fight them. They don't care about our schools, our freeways, our health programs. They screw us over and over through deregulating banks, environmental controls, taking away liberties in the name of their moral code or safety.

So if doing that is where they get their energy and the Weiners of the world get theirs from sexual interactions with women who are of age and consensual (Democrats draw the line at underage and when it's not consensual), then guess who gets the vote.

With many of the right wing voters, it's the opposite. They don't care what a Republican does to the country, just be sexually pure or get religious absolution from proper penance (who knows what they do after that if they don't get caught again).

This is why Gingrich is running again in the Republican race and feels he has a chance to win (well less today than last week probably). He did wrong, but he got religion and begged forgiveness. He has a beautiful wife and is very happy; but I will say one thing to her-- don't get sick, honey!


Robert the Skeptic said...

Perhaps I am repeating myself but when my daughters asked me at a young age what the difference was between Democrats and Republicans, this was my response.

Republicans want America to be a better place for them, their family and friends and people like them. Democrats want the same thing, but for everyone.

The Grey Geezer said...

Hi Rain . . . This post really gave me a chuckle ! Thanks. As for Mr. Weiner it sounds like he is either mentally or emotionally sick. I think the guy needs help. The almighty press is crucifying him instead. I'm reminded of "let him who is without sin cast the first stone". It's a sad business anyway you look at it. . . Bump

la peregrina said...

Hear, hear, Rain.