Saturday, May 14, 2011

Right wing talk thinkers?

When on the road, we frequently get a major dose of talk radio as a way to pass the miles as well as keep up on what is being said in the political realm. It often is irritating to us as progressive/liberals because there is very little from the left wing although we got one station once for a stretch of miles before we were thrown back into right wing country only. As usual though it was informative to us but never about issues. It is informative about the kind of information the right wing evidently wants from its entertainer/media types.

So the most offensive, hands down, came from the Phoenix area and some local righties whose names I have no idea but their idea of discussing immigration issues, which they were infuriated over, was to ignore what the issues were and go after personal insults on Obama for his speech on the topic. If, like us, you had not heard the details, you would not have gotten it from them.

The female of the twosome took the prize though as she said Obama was uppity. She said he cannot look down his nose at people because he holds his head too high. Now if you didn't see how racist that was, you should take a moment to consider your own attitude toward the 'other' whoever the 'other' might be. Uppity? Who would you call uppity? Someone who is above their station and doesn't know it? How can a man hold his head too high? I would say a man who you think should have it in a submissive position.

At that point I was so furious that I turned her off; so I never did get beyond her insults at how snarky, another of her terms, Obama had been during his speech on immigration. If she wasn't a racist, she was pandering to them by her whole spiel.

During the time I heard it, those two righties did not say what they thought should be done nor did they give his proposal. I only got that at night reading the newspapers online and found out the details of his actual suggestions which were pretty modest in terms of changes.

What got me though was that rightie listening to it was never presented with an issue to consider. It was all character attack and frankly so racist that the voices saying it should have been ashamed of themselves for so catering to the racists, who are the ONLY ones who would be able to stand listening to that garbage.

Miles went by and a day before I came across Rush Limbaugh. He was disdainful of Obama as usual but again no issue to discuss. No, he was too congratulating of himself for finding a nasty nickname for Michelle Obama which I won't dignify by repeating, but it was grade school level insulting indicating she is too heavy. Isn't amazing that someone as fat as Rush would ridicule a full figured woman simply because she's not anorexic looking? Michelle Obama is NOT fat and when anybody puts down a woman simply because she's not skinny, it is offensive to me but more so when it's someone fat himself!

I didn't hear the Glenn Beck bit where he spent 10 minutes evidently ridiculing John McCain's daughter, for the same thing as he implied he'd throw up if he had to see her naked after she did a photo for one of the public service ads, like so many other, not where she was nude but simply where she looked like she could be. What made Beck go after her since she is such a beautiful woman and his chances of actually seeing her nude are from 0 to -0 even if he was single?

Mostly it is that she doesn't toe the party mark in her philosophy as a conservative. She is an outspoken woman and that can offend some righties if they don't totally agree with them. I don't know why he'd go after her as anybody who sees her can see she has a very curvy little figure and beautiful face. Not enough these days though for the pudgy men like Beck who want their women skinny while they themselves are plump-- at the least.

So after hours of finding various right wing radio media people talk about issues, I got one thing from them-- they love to ridicule the other. They throw around a LOT of insults but if you want to find out the issues of what is actually at stake, look for an NPR program like On Point where a group of commentators discussed real issues from the perspective, in this one case, of right wing commentators who were looking at issues.

Or find yourself one of the new breed righties who actually can discuss the issues intelligently and evidently are finally cutting into the ratings of the screamers. I can only hope that happens for the sake of future long distance drives as I enjoy talk radio and since it appears all that the main part of the country can get is right wing, at least have it be someone who can do other than insult but really can talk about what is at stake and what are the alternatives-- not that the speech was mean.


Kay Dennison said...

I can't listen to right wing media for more than ten minutes out of respect for my blood pressure and medical history.

Michelle Obama is a lovely, intelligent woman unlike the Botox Barbies the Reckless Right seems to favor and that, of course is a mortal sin.

Ingineer66 said...

That is too funny that Rush was making fun of Michelle for being fat. I can only take about 40 minutes of him a week and that has to be spread over a few days.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I recall during the presidential election that Palin and others criticized Obama, and the Dems in general, of being "elitists"... like that was some kind of weakness??!!

You better be damn sure you have the brightest of the bright running the most powerful nation on earth. We didn't have that with the last president and we are suffering the consequences of two unnecessary wars and an out-of-control deficit. Our current president inherited that, he is not the cause!