Friday, April 29, 2011

Proud of Racism

We, as human beings who live in this country, the United States of America, many of us anyway, keep thinking we are past racism. It's been an ugly blot on the history we claim is so pristine and pure. It's not just blacks we have misused but Native Americans (too weak to hold their land from our thefts, wars, and manipulations), Chinese (yes, do our hard labor but then go home and abusing you is okay because not fully human are you?), Hispanics (ditto to both of above), and many others.

This kind of nature is not unique to Americans but aren't we supposed to be the ones who showed the way? Isn't that what we tell ourselves?

The greatest disgrace here or in any culture is that of slavery and the aftermath of which we in the US are still living today. Does affirmative action help when the attitude is of the heart? Well it at least gets doors open that some would slam closed. But then that self-righteous bunch claim it meant people like Condoleeza Rice weren't really that smart (ignore evidence to the contrary as that's what racists do).

Trump claimed how proud he was that he was able to get Obama to release his long-form birth certificate as though he had made a great accomplishment. Oh he did all right. He brought to light something that usually has been shoved under rocks. He's made it seem respectable to other bigots. Trump is so ignorant that he can't see that he showed his own bigotry in bright shiny letters. The pride that he said he felt should have been in his arrogance and ignorance of which he has plenty.

So he accomplished that but he can't rest until he shows the level to which he has sunk. You know the old joke we already know what you are, we're just debating how low you will go. He's illustrating it.

Now he's onto college scores and who gains admittance into a university. He hit on an earlier hot button racist resentment and now comes another-- affirmative action.

Clearly, he is trying to claim, it should not have been Obama or his ilk. What Trump wants is a world where people like G.W. Bush get into college based on their ancestry or people like Trump's children who should be allowed to buy their way in.

Diversity is an ugly word to those folks. The idea that colleges might take into account grades, civic accomplishments, ethnicity, parts of the country, lifestyle, all of those as factors, that's not good. Money is the valid way to determine it all.

Trump, and he knows those who hang on his words, does not want a world where someone like Obama can get into a good university at all. It works so well when it's all to the rich go the spoils, doesn't it? I mean look at Bush who got in based on mediocre scores, continued to do the same thing at university, and then bragged about it all after he became president which again came to him through parentage.

Obama, whatever his high school scores were, graduated magna cum laude. That is not given to anybody based on race. That means graduating with high marks and praise. He also was editor of the Harvard Law Review which once again isn't handed to people. He went onto a career he earned for himself which is something neither Trump nor his children can claim.

Noblesse oblige
is a word Trump should look up. Too bad people like him don't remember or never knew what it meant. It seems for only a few, of our extremely wealthy people today, do they feel a sense of obligation to give back for what they have been blessed. Too few...

What Trump has done and the others like him is remind this country of how far we have to go to reach a point where people like them don't get the microphone. Where we treat them with the disdain they deserve.

This week I watched The Patriot again. It's a good film actually starring Mel Gibson about the Revolutionary War and the high cost of what that war cost some individuals and families. War is horrifying and fortunately this was one of the films that portrayed that strongly which is to Gibson's credit. There was also a subtle reminder in it of the huge mistake we made back then.

The hero, Gibson's character, used black, freed laborers on his farm. They worked for him by choice and he owned no human. But the country as a whole had not done that and when the war was over, when the new country was formed, the slaves remained what they had been even in the home of those like Thomas Jefferson.

What would our country be like today if slavery had been abolished right then and there, if there had never been a need for a Civil War? A lot of Americans back then didn't have the advantage of schooling. If slavery had been ended by our founding fathers, we'd have begun here on equal standing (other than that wealthy class who always start with an advantage from the time they are born).

It's hard to imagine what we might be like today if that had happened because bigotry and greed ruled the decision back then. Their kind couldn't handle freedom. Slave labor was needed to make this country prosperous. It was an opportunity lost.

It took another hundred years for a war to settle the slavery issue, then a hundred more to get civil rights laws enacted, and here we are fifty years later when we can watch a megalomaniac like Trump be given a microphone and say what he did without being booed by the country as a whole. It says we haven't come all that far when a black president must prove to over half the Republicans that he was born in the United States. It is enough to make a caring person cry.


Ingineer66 said...

I think you are stretching things a little bit. I feel that people are not questioning Obama's citizenship because of the color of his skin. I feel it is because of his behavior and where he grew up. He grew up in a Muslim country and there are photos of him in Muslim dress at a Muslim school. What do you think the left would have done if there were photos of a young George W. Bush or Richard Nixon wearing a Hitler youth uniform as a young boy? Or for that matter what if Bill Clinton had been educated in Communist China and wore a Mao suit to school?

Personally I don't put much stock in the birther issue.

As for slavery, I understand where you are coming from, but don't you think it is time to move on? The reason slavery died out in the north is because the Irish would work cheaper than the cost of owning slaves. But yet I don't see a call for reparations for Irish people or Affirmative Action for people of Irish descent. And it was Bill Clinton himself that said Colin Powell was the result of affirmative action in the Army. So apparently he could not qualify based on his own merit, he needed a different set of rules than everybody else. That does not seem fair to me. To promote discrimination to make up for past discrimination seems like the wrong thing to do.

Ingineer66 said...

ps I really like The Patriot. It does a good job of showing what hardships the early Americans went through to achieve freedom. Gibson's character was a composite of a few different Revolutionary fighters, but the British officer that killed civilians and was so evil was actually a real person.

Rain said...

I am not stretching it. If you listened to more from the far right and what they say, you'd not question why this issue came up. Understand one thing-- to have Obama born elsewhere would have required him a sneak and liar, a total fraud. That's a lot more than just going to school for several years in Indonesia because his mother wanted him with her even though he had things thrown at him for being a black there in a nation that despised blacks. When he had the opportunity, at 12, he chose to live with his grandparents. He had more schooling in American schools counting from then through college and the fact that anybody would suggest he was a dishonest person based on going to school in another country demeans everyone who has their children going in foreign schools. He dressed what he had to dress but this all would not happen if he wasn't black.

The right wing goes after the left with whatever they can use and they use whatever underhanded stunt they can come up with. With Clinton it was that he played around with women. With Kerry, despite all his medals, despite fighting and being shot at and wounded (slightly or not), they turned him into a coward while ignoring the way Bush created a persona that wasn't him at all (which means he wasn't a cowboy either).

All the ones who put down Obama for being a liar about his word and those who are saying derogatory things about anybody who isn't pristine pure and white, any of those are bigots. You know it too. Why you defend those who will use any device to attack the 'other' is beyond me as you aren't one who is doing it. Why not call them out for what they are and Trump is one of them-- a bigot with lousy taste in anything.

Ingineer66 said...

I am not defending Trump, just speaking about my own feelings. Do you think the left doesn't attack based on stupid things? They attacked Chris Christie and said he shouldn't be elected governor because he was fat. James Carville attacked Paula Jones by calling her trailer trash. The left practically invented attacking the messenger instead of the message.

Rain said...

Nobody on the left is saying Christie shouldn't be nominated for being fat. They have said that a fat person probably will have a hard time getting elected (as have they said about short people). But they are taking Christie quite seriously as a possible candidate despite his saying he won't run. As for Paula Jones, it's how women dress that leads some to say what they look like. She was not a candidate for president though nor was she a president. You are making excuses for something that is far uglier than saying someone is fat or dresses cheap.

Trump is doing all he can to inspire the racists in the party he hopes he might win or else those are the kind who watch his program. At any rate justifying the wrong one side does based on someone else's wrong is a losing game and means you never get beyond your lowest denominator.

The very idea that you would say the Democrats invented this means you haven't paid much attention to history or what has gone on in the past in our country right or left (and really it's the party that supports the wealthy and the corporations and the party that doesn't seem to know what it wants currently).

The issue now is that if we make Trump okay because somebody else did it, then it's disgusting and actually justifying racism.

Did you see the legislator from one of the states where she was trying to say how lazy and stupid blacks are. She was on the floor of her legislative building when she claimed that. There is no hope while the right turns their head the other way when such things are said. Change it now or end up with worse to come! And we change it by not accepting it-- from either side. Just because it's your bad guy doesn't make it okay.

Ingineer66 said...

Let me be clear, I believe there is no place for racism in politics or anywhere in America. And that goes for any race.

I wish we had candidates that ran based on what they stood for instead of what they didn't stand for or what the other guy stands for.

Rain said...

I didn't think you were a racist but we all need to stand against what is wrong-- in whatever party. I think what Obama was doing by releasing the long form birth certificate is try to get it back to other issues. Trump doesn't want that and immediately went onto grades. I read an article today that both parties should be upset that he's doing as well as he is as it's what it says about us as a country. The more you read about the kinds of things he said, the nuttier it sounds that he'd be taken seriously by anybody.

Robert the Skeptic said...

An interesting study shows that the ethnicity of the interviewer influences how people respond to questions regarding Obama being a Muslim or Christian.

Whites were more likely to accept that the president is not Muslim if the person conveying that information is black but accept to a lesser degree of the interviewer is white.

Celia said...

I agree with you 100% Rain. It is because of his race his birth and college credentials are being discredited. Racism is alive and well; things have improved but there are those who have just gone underground with their racist attitudes.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean?