Saturday, April 16, 2011

Matt Taibbi is my hero

Although I usually like to write something when I post a link, there are exceptions, where the writer of the link has said it so perfectly that I don't have a thing to add. This is the way it is with Matt Taibbi all the time.

I don't have Taibbi linked alongside here because the link ended up taking people to Rolling Stone articles, the most recently posted, and it wasn't always political. I do recommend everybody bookmark him as I do and regularly read his blog at Rolling Stone. He calls it like it is-- whichever party is behind it. In this case, the link is to his last article but hit the first link tere for his research on the real housewives of Wall Street. Always nice to know where our money is going.


Robert the Skeptic said...

Bill Clinton has acknowledged that the Tea Party folks are wholly justified in their anger, they have been screwed. But they are mis-directing their anger at the wrong source. The wealthy "ruling class" is selling them a bill of goods that "the government" is the source of their problems. But then again, from what I have seen of these Tea Party people, intellect seems to be a rare commodity.

Kay Dennison said...

Matt Taibbi is my hero, too! Thanks for the good wishes!!!

Ingineer66 said...

I like where Matt is going with the story, but I have to agree with some of his commenters. Removing the moral hazard from investing, which is what Bush, Obama and the Congress did with the bailouts is wrong. Most conservatives that I know and even some on the radio have taken strong issue with this.
Maybe when conservatives complain about Wall Street being in bed with Congress, liberals don't hear it because it is easier to call them racists than actually debating the issues of what is right and what is wrong.

Rain said...

The conservatives who praise Donald Trump for his birther spiel are part of why people see conservatives as they do. I don't say all who dislike Obama do it for racist reasons. But all who make a big deal out of where he was born, all who send on cartoons making him look like a monkey, all of them are.

You do admit then that if they turn SS private, as in people can 'invest' wherever they want, it will be at risk, no guarantees of getting anything when people reach their senior years.

What's interesting too is the argument that they should turn medicare private, give the oldsters some money (vouchers) that they can use for whatever they want, including a TV which means when they get sick they can just die... or does it mean instead everybody else still picks up the cost because they can't let granny die on the sidewalk outside that hospital?

It's things like that which cause conservatives to lose credibility at being serious about caring for the average people.

Paul said...

I agree Robert! Where was the vasaline when the reaming occurred ? Obama, Bush, Clinton all had a part in producing our current woes. And I could care less where Obama was born.