Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It never works

So Obama gave up in showing his long form birth certificate, something no white president has ever been asked to do. He did it to get the conversation back on the issues and because so many Americans are stupid.

I think he did the correct thing but it is infuriating to me and I'll bet to him that he had to do this and why? Because he's a half black man. It had become an issue that was distracting from those that mattered with the smug and ugly Mr. Trump constantly beating the drum to gain his own popularity (it works so expect more to follow that path).

What won't work is showing the long form. They, the racists and bigots, will claim it's a forgery. The ignorant Mr. Trump, with the icky hair, has already claimed it should be inspected. By whom? Why Mr. Trump himself doubtless as he has taken credit for it being shown and is already onto the next accusation that Columbia University let Obama in when they should not have.

Doubtless the plot to make Obama president went way back. The idea that more than grades are taken into account for admittance to universities, forget that one. What does the Donald know about any of that.

What the Donald knows is manipulation and exploitation and dishonesty is fine with his game. He has already convinced a large percentage of gullible Republicans that all they really want is a multimillionaire who can make a lot of money, live like a king, has no sense of personal taste, and doesn't mind cheating people. He bragged about that with Gaddafi.

I don't doubt Obama is angry right now and it showed up in an interview where he chided a Texas reporter for never letting him finish an answer. That's what O'Reilly did also. Do these interviewers do this as a way to show their disrespect for him due to his race? Respect the presidency-- not anymore. If Obama didn't resent being disrespected and say as much, they'd call him milquetoast and if he does, he's out of line. He cannot win with a certain percentage of our population; and the sooner he figures that out, the better for the rest of us.

A genuine conservative would run against Obama on the issues. There are plenty to choose between where we have real differences on what should be done in the country. What we are getting from the right currently are pretenders. They are ignorant about history and will use anything to win. The Donald is at the top of that list but only at the moment. I have faith they can dig deeper. They always do!


Celia said...

I have nothing to add, you're right and said it well.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Well the birth thing now set aside, he can devote more time to trying to convince the majority of Conservatives that he is not a Muslim.

Kay Dennison said...

What Celia and Robert said.

AND the Birthers will continue their hate campaign.

Ingineer66 said...

Robert that is hilarious. But along those lines, why is he always trying to convince people that he is not something? He spent his childhood trying to convince people he was not black and his college years trying to convince people he was not white and the last three years trying to convince people he is not a liberal. Why does he not just convince people who he is and stick to his principles and be proud of it? Instead he changes his spots every time the wind changes.

Rain said...

Ingineer, you get most of your information about Obama from right wing sources. Where do you get the idea he didn't accept being black? Did you read about the difficulties he had in Indonesia where blacks were hated? I don't think you have a clue what it's like to be of a mixed race in our country and to say he shifts with the wind, don't you have Romney in mind on that? If you wanted an extremist who never changes his position because it comes directly from god, I suggest Huckabee.