Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Political mythologies

Continuing with my 'mythology' piece, I saw this which I wish more righties would read-- but they won't--

I also watched the documentary Reagan last night on HBO. I hadn't known it was going to be on but found it checking out what HBO had on that evening. I wasn't sure how much I'd like it but I did and recommend it. They won't, but I really wish the righties, who are promoting him as though he had been the second coming, would see it. It puts Reagan's legacy in perspective. Some of which I mentioned in the last blog but they had a biggie that I had not mentioned-- Iran Contra.

The legacy, of the dishonesty, corruption, deceptiveness of the Reagan administration where it came to trading guns to Iran to get money to the Contras in Nicaragua and drugs for the US, was a forerunner to what the Bush administration did for its eight years. Lie to the people. Do whatever you want because you know best and lies are okay when they are for a good cause. Reagan set that in motion openly. Oh they did put a few sacrificial goats out there to take the legal fall; but the decisions always have to go to the top-- or at least what is supposed to be the top.

For those who might say that's in the past, let it go. Nothing like that is in the past when it is still impacting how certain people believe government should be run. How does our government find fault with the Mubarak regime? If you had thought Obama would be eager to see Bush prosecuted, you were kidding yourself. Governments protect themselves-- hence no prosecutions of the lies from the Bush administration, the torture, the willingness to do anything to protect their agenda. They don't want Mubarak forced out because who knows what all he will reveal if his way isn't eased. And only an extreme rightie would not know that.

Ex-leaders who torture and have abused their positions of power have been tried after they are forced from office. It should have happened in our country. What Bush did was way out there and he even admitted it in his book (proudly I might add); but too many hands were dirty with what went down is my guess why it didn't.

I have mentioned that I voted for Reagan his second term but not the first. I did so because I didn't like the alternative; but when Bush the first ran, I held my nose and voted for Dukakis based on my belief Bush the first was heavily involved in what happened with Iran-Contra. It's not like many Democrats wanted to vote for Dukakis that year. I was afraid Bush the first would continue what had gone on during the Reagan years. Well when his son got in, that's exactly what he did with bringing in the crew that had learned lying was beneficial when it serves their greater purpose.

The following article isn't in terms of ancient myths but the kind that are being spun out today.

I heard an interesting opinion on that last night from Rachel Maddow. It appears that Beck gets most of his ideas from the John Birch Society, who we found out with the last elections, is still quite active within the right wing. She said they will put out some theory and three or four days later, it's Beck's lead story.

No wonder America is so divided. If you listen to Fox exclusively you get one slant of the world. If you listen all the time to MSNBC, you'd get a different one. Neither one are the whole story.

When Farm Boss was driving home the other night, he said he had on Clear Channel with Fox News and their whole report was devoted to one disaster after another-- killings, abuse, whatever was scary and negative. He switched over to a different news update from the left wing side of the news and got what is happening in the community in terms of events to attend, warnings of highway problems, but none of the disaster upon disaster. No wonder those who watch only Fox type stuff think they need a lot of guns.

From what friends have told me, the same thing has been true of the coverage over Egypt. If you listened to the left, you got the possibility this could be good, looking at the actual people who might try to influence what happens next in Egypt. If you listened only to the right, it's all scary and going to create a huge Islamic empire to threaten the world (Glenn Beck's take). All they had to hear was the name-- Muslim Brotherhood and they were off.

Neither side has all the truth on anything (most especially not Egypt) but shouldn't we be careful we are at least getting a mix?


Paul said...

Rain, Keith Olbermann has found a new gig !

Rain said...

I saw that-- Al Gore's station which I never even knew was on DirecTV. I really don't enjoy watching the guy who took his place on MSNBC; so I will doubtless check it out after he comes on board Current. It will likely improve their numbers. From the looks of their schedule, anything would help ;)

And Ariana sold Huffington to AOL which consolidates more news sources which doesn't seem good to me

Ingineer66 said...

Isn't AOL and Time Warner/Ted Turner/CNN the same thing?

Rain said...

Ted Turner ended up losing all clout with CNN when he sold them to Time Warner. Huffington is supposed to be editor in chief for her deal but for how long? I think the concern has been because Comcast had just acquired MSNBC. Huffington said that they tried to arrange the sale to Yahoo but it didn't work. So basically they are all trying to consolidate and when newspapers do that (and many did over the years) you end up with a commercial venture that mostly cares about profit and not putting out the news. I read some opinions on it and it's like so much else I hear-- if we don't grow bigger this way, we'll lose out. They claim they can't stay as they were but one does worry about it as we KNOW the government doesn't give us the whole story on much of anything if they don't have to-- and journalists are often why they end up having to. When these media giants care more about fluff than hard news, who is left?

Robert the Skeptic said...

My buddy, Will, got the extended cable package and so he was party to the continuous news feeds like CNN. To hook and hold viewers, EVERYTHING is presented in "Crisis mode" continually.

Will was finding he was having difficulty sleeping at night, anxious during the day. He cured it by quitting watching the news channels entirely.

I read the Huffington Post on my i-phone BUT I am going to quit reading it if they don't STOP having Sarah Palin stories every other day!! Someone on FaceBook recently asked if we couldn't have a "Palin-free week" occasionally. I agree. She is a nobody, why do they keep promoting her and giving her a forum?? Huff: Be warned!

Ingineer66 said...

Speaking of consolidations, I saw that they are now showing "60 Minutes" on MSNBC. 60 Minutes is a CBS show, why is it on an NBC network? Is there that little creative thought out there that they have to borrow shows from each other?

Rain said...

That would be an improvement over the junk they usually put out on week-ends-- lock up and other really icky programming.