Monday, February 07, 2011

Mythologies that lead to votes

The only thing more frustrating than watching a clip of Sarah Palin expounding on Ronald Reagan at the 100th birthday celebration was listening to a clip of her explaining Egyptian foreign policy mistakes by Obama which she evidently thinks including him not picking the next leader of Egypt.

Does she still think we live in the age of empires where a nation like Great Britain could appoint leaders and it stuck? Does she even know where Egypt is? Who the people are? Any clue at all? It's easy to Google the videos of that interview and worth any independent, who might consider Palin, to take a look see.

There was more excuse for her rampant ignorance when she was starting out, but not much when she was running for Vice President and even less now when she has had plenty of time to get herself informed-- assuming she knows how to read and she does have a college degree in journalism (not something most righties respect anywhere but with her, I think). She finally has figured out what magazines or books she reads-- all right wing. Has actually written two books now-- if you don't count ghost writers. So she must know how to read. She sure doesn't choose any books explaining the world situation though.

And on Reagan, her speech of how Obama is sending us on the road to ruin but Reagan is the example of how a leader should be and how she would be, well does she actually know what he did and was that a tongue in cheek statement? Actually I see no evidence she understands satire; so scratch that possibility.

Reagan increased our debt from the hundreds of billions to the several trillion. He cut lunch menu costs for schools by counting ketchup as a vegetable. He gave that amnesty bill for immigrants here illegally as he promised to secure the borders so it didn't happen again. Should I mention how that turned out?

He actually raised federal taxes every year of his two-term presidency and particularly raised them on the middle class while he did lower the rates on the rich; but his idea of trickle down has proven to mean really a trickle and you can be my maid if you will work for minimum wage (which he wouldn't even have if he could have abolished it).

Give this a try on the truth of Reagan. It's easy to Google such information; so Sarah Palin either doesn't bother with research or she ignores whatever she knows her base won't want to hear.

What is in that article won't be believed by the tea party types; but for everybody not in that category, it's wise to pay attention to it because it's how you end up with these mythologies-- like Camelot with the Kennedys where the truth is usually anything but.

Myths belong in fiction and fairy tale books but should not be part of a voter's thinking when they decide on leaders.


Robert the Skeptic said...

Someone put on their Facebook pleading to have a "Palin-free week". WHY is this woman continually in the news??!! John McCain was the presidential candidate and we hear/see almost noghitng of him - Palin every goddam day!! The media is MAKING her into something she is not by giving her a voice, a spotlight. How about Paris Hilton for a while?

As for Reagan, all I recall is that his handlers would pull his away from the mic whenever he began to deviate from the "script" and talk from his brain. I believe the man believed his own mythology.

BTW, I am ashamed to admit that I was young and idealistic myself - I voted for him.

Paul said...

I voted for Reagan and Obama. I regret the latter vote. A s for Palin-NEVER !!