Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I takes my smiles where I can get them these days

There is not a lot to read or watch in the news right now that makes me smile. I do feel the people in the Middle Eastern countries who have had little hope of making a decent life for themselves have been admirable in how they have stood up, at great risk, for a better life and to rid themselves of despots. I do not however automatically feel it will work, and I wonder if they will find they have traded one despot for another.

And the issue in Wisconsin and many other states is another of those six of one and half dozen of another. Where I think it's admirable that the workers and their supporters (which should be all working people) have peaceably demonstrated at considerable cost, even if it didn't involve being shot at; but the problem in this country is so much greater than what happens with the state worker unions.

This is a crucial time that too many people have voted in the wrong leaders which has led to more and more money being concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

Oh I know how the right sees it, I am the one who votes for the wrong leaders; but my leaders mostly support the right of the ordinary people to have a good life which means health care when required, which means a job with a decent living, which means honesty from the sources from which they borrow money, which means air and water that is safe to breathe and drink, and which means help for the poverty stricken which should be important to all human beings-- or so one would think.

Can any of those who support the right wing find any such noble causes that their people support? For them, it's all about lower taxes on the rich, destroying the environmental regulations, selling off our national forests, and turning our freeways into toll roads, no minimum wage, wars they don't want to pay for and for which they can't even explain why they are being fought, ignoring climate change, in fact ignoring any program that might actually make the ordinary person's life better.

When I am accused of being someone who would have been a Nazi sympathizer, I think it's almost funny except it also tells me from where they get their information and it's undercutting the things from which they themselves benefit. It's not funny to realize there are those who actually believe the Glenn Becks.

So when I finally got something to smile about, I knew the right wing would never see it the same way. Rush Limbaugh just tried to insult Michelle Obama by saying she ate a high calorie meal and was overweight therefore had no right to discuss the importance of childhood obesity problems. He proved one thing by his attack and should have even to the righties-- he's a total jerk.

He ridiculed her body and the way he did it is where my smiles came in. Horror of horrors. Ultimate insult-- she wouldn't be a woman Alex Rodriguez would date... for his usual six months. She would not find a place in the Sports Illustrated magazine's swimsuit edition. Wow, now those are serious criteria for judging a woman's beauty or quality.

What that says about Limbaugh is a lot more than what it says about youthful, fertile looking bodies like that of Michelle Obama. I know... It's bad that she hasn't had a boob job that he so obviously admires in women. She enjoys delicious food and fully living life illustrated by her ski trip followed by a tasty meal (which incidentally the restaurant said was about 600 calories, not the overestimate by the fatster himself). But he is implying she is telling children to not eat delicious food. No, she wasn't. She is simply saying there are many foods to eat that are delicious and good for us.

It's not just it's funny because Limbaugh is fat himself and has discussed on his program his battle with weight-- previously. Hypocrisy is the usual for righties. It's also that he was trying to put down a woman who would never have given him (and probably not Alex Rodriguez either) the time of day if he had wanted to date her based on values.

The righties have been attacking Michelle for her work on improving childhood food options. Since they don't want to pay for health care for others, maybe they have no reason to pay attention to the high cost of fat related diseases especially horrible ones like diabetes. In a nation wanting to help all Americans have better health just to keep our health care costs down, what she is doing is for the future generation and ours.

There is so much to admire in Michelle Obama and part of it certainly is her physical beauty. She has the goddess figure that is admired by many cultures even if not ours where anorexia and size 0 is more the order of the day. I like her style because it's about playful dressing and taking risks with what she wears. She has fun with patterns and colors and is not a slave to fashion. Sure, I wouldn't wear what she does. It wouldn't suit my body type or age, but I sure can admire it on her.

But there is so much more to her than that. There is the fact that she cares about healthy eating (chose a restaurant in Colorado that cooks locally grown foods which is a big environmental and health plus). She is a woman of obvious intellect, a woman who spends quality time with her daughters to give them as normal a life as possible given their circumstances, a woman, who looks alive and vital and doesn't care to spend her life worrying about her weight, a woman like that isn't on Rush Limbaugh's list of qualities he admires. One has to wonder exactly what is. Never mind. He just told us.

And if I was one of those women Alex Rodriguez dates, I'd be the one concerned right now... and likewise those in the SI magazine. Rush Limbaugh admires me... and exactly for what?


Robert the Skeptic said...

Viewers of Rush Limbaugh lack even the remotest intellect to step even one simple level in strategic thought thought, they have not the intellectual capacity to recognize the hypocrisy.

They instead, will be unable to see the contradiction that Rush is fat but instead slap their knees laughing at Michelle Obama.

The only cure for people easily manipulated is to manipulate them the other way and turn them around. They are ignorant dolts either way, the Dems need to turn them into OUR dolts.

Rain said...

That's what I thought. We need to laugh at them. He's a clown. When we get angry, they win. When we see them for the fools they are, then they have no power over us. Not to say we don't need to take seriously the threat they bring but every time they do something like this, the point out their idiocy.

Kay Dennison said...

Amen to you for an excellent post and amen to Robert for his comment! I am tired of Rush and his dittoheads and their ignorance.

Anonymous said...


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Can I use part of the information from your blog post above if I give a link back to your website?


Rain said...

People may use what I have written here elsewhere if they tell from where it came.