Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I think I have mentioned before that I don't listen to political speeches hardly ever. I made an exception with the Memorial in Tucson because of my belief that energy matters when people need healing and when we need to change an attitude of a large number of people. Other times I'd rather read the words later and not get caught up in the rhetoric of the moment. I also have little interest in reading a lot of commentary regarding whether it was a good speech as that will depend on which side the pundit was on before it began.

I liked the words in Obama's speech. The trouble comes with implementation... or not. This certainly isn't a time where everybody gets what they want. It also isn't a time where we can ignore the world in our struggle to make our own people's lives better. We are in a global world and whether it's terrorism, overthrow of one country by another, or economics, we can't hide over here and ignore it. We also can't make it our priority as without a strong home base, we can't do anything for anybody.

For anyone who didn't watch the speech and who would like to read his ideas, here's the link: Text of Obama's State of the Union.

I didn't bother to read the text of the loyal opposition because I pretty well knew what it'd be and think it's unrealistic but better than the disloyal opposition :). Listening to someone like the far far right's spokesman (self-appointed by herself), to hear her ignorance while she spouts what people want to hear, while ignoring facts, well that's beyond my emotional state right now.

These times are difficult but there is always hope we can pull it together. Our ancestors did time after time or we'd not be here.

For another look at the speech, check out this link: From Adgitadiaries-- stake in the Union

For another look at John Boehner, who it is always hard to take even one look at let alone watch through a SOTU, this is one from Matt Taibbi for Rolling Stone. When I began to wonder who will do any research on any of what these guys do, it is beginning to look like we can kiss off MSM and have to look to magazines or other outlets-- The Crying Shame of John Boehner


TaraDharma said...

Matt T. is a blast of fresh air. I watched the speech last night...and I bounced back and forth on the satisfaction scale. I just don't know any more.

Celia said...

Thanks for your thoughts and the links Rain, especially the one to the printed text. I recorded SOTU last night as I was busy elsewhere and then tried to watch it later with a sleepy brain. So I read it. And not having to watch Boehner is always a plus, ha, ha!

I have issues with Obama's competition remarks if I may quote Paul Krugman "But ultimately, we’re in a mess because we had a financial crisis, not because American companies have lost their ability to compete with foreign rivals."

Kay Dennison said...

I love Matt Taibbi!!!

I wasn't happy with the President's speech. He said some good things but it all seemed hollow. When is he going to realize that the GOP isn't going to play nice?

Just my take.