Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rahm Emanuel

The Illinois Supreme Court just made a good decision, I think, by allowing Rahm Emanuel to run for mayor of Chicago and not blocking him on a residency question. The whole thing boggles my mind that it ever came up.

Emanuel kept his home in Chicago. While he did lease it out (likely for economic reasons), it was with some of his furniture still in it. He rented a home in DC while he worked there. He voted in Illinois and kept his driver's registration there. He said he would return.

To deny he was still a resident of Chicago and Illinois would do the same thing to any military person serving our country. Whether he will be elected as mayor I don't know and wouldn't hazard an opinion as I don't know the other candidates; but to me he had every right to run and I am glad to see a court decision that made sense.


Ingineer66 said...

He leased out his house and he has been living in DC for 2 years. To me that seems like he was not really a resident of Chicago. But in politics things are often not like they seem.

Rain said...

He continued to vote in Illinois, had furniture in that home with a lease that ended with the school year. What would you say to military guys who are stationed overseas but vote where they come? You don't give up a driver's license if you are seeing your situation elsewhere as temporary. He continued to have his from Illinois. he was just stationed elsewhere. Of course, the right will find fault. They should just not vote for him then. The whole issue was ridiculous