Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eisenhower on what should matter to us as a people

For a long time, I have been very disillusioned with how our media operates. They take a disaster such as happened in Tucson and exploit every possible element of it. They create 15 minute heroes or villains and we are bombarded by more information than we ever wanted to know.

I really hope this time they will let Gabrielle Giffords heal in private. That means no Oprah interview with everybody attached to the event or who possibly knew Giffords at one time. Let the families heal also but in private. Could the media, just for once, not ask for every detail of the recuperation period and lament over how it's going or not.

To add to this I really hope we will see no more articles on the shooter's possible motivations. I want to see the courts handle it now and personally refuse to read anything more about him. I really hope they don't release the tapes of the actual shooting. Oh please not that to encourage some future nut to get his 15 minutes of fame!

To me it's time to go on as a people toward the things we can actually impact, which means positive steps to dealing with gun regulations, better ways of handling the mentally ill, learning to debate issues and not tear apart people. Could we quit reveling in juicy details of all sorts. I might be hoping for too much.

At any rate, I won't write about it again but rather try to look to the future (whenever I do write about politics) and what can and should we be doing as a people to improve the lives of all people in our country. We most of us know something went wrong. Let's look at what it might be and start making positive steps toward changing it.

Along with that, this was a very good article on some wisdom from Dwight Eisenhower as he left office. It's too bad we didn't follow it. If we had, Vietnam would be a country overseas and not a blight on our history that seems to still impact what we do. More of our citizens would still be alive with grandchildren on their knees. I am afraid we got more caught up in emotionalism, fear talk, and paid less attention to practicality. We still do.

I have read a lot of quotes from Eisenhower but this kind of puts his philosophy in one place. It's not too late for us to take it to heart...


Anonymous said...

from Julie

Thank you for posting this link. I have already read it.

It helps that you are putting this traumatic situation in perspective here on this blog.

TaraDharma said...

thank you, Rain. I have been watching David and Julie E. on their book tour, and they fascinate me. Seem like reasonable people, with humor and grace.

Rain said...

I have to admit I was a Stevenson fan and didn't know nearly as much about Eisenhower's thinking until many years later. He was a very popular president; but it looks like his last speech, his other warnings, were more or less buried in the euphoria over Kennedy and the charisma of that family. We as a people got carried away. We should not make that mistake again but it's so easy to have it happen.

Kay Dennison said...

I think this is really one of the most important pieces I've read this week.

Eisenhower has been -- along with many other wise men -- ignored and that is truly sad. In my mind he will always personify what a Republican should be and rarely -- if ever -- is today.

I'm tired of the media circus and think we need politicians who act like grownups -- like Ike did.

Anonymous said...


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Rain said...

Oliver, if the site you use it on is a similar type site, that will always be fine.