Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Trojan Horse

I didn't plan to write here for awhile as I have been writing something I find far more rewarding in the other blog with a series about science and religion. BUT I cannot stand this. I absolutely cannot stand it and have to rant somewhere. I can feel my blood pressure going up by the moment.

Obama, to me, is like a Trojan Horse. Yes, I admitted it! We elected him, those of us who did, because he promised certain things and we believed him. He came with pretty words and nice wrapping paper. We wanted things like health care for all-- what we got was a Trojan Horse which appears about to destroy what is left of our country.

Health care for all became a requirement everybody has to buy private insurance at whatever price they dictate with enough loopholes put into it to guarantee they can raise it whenever they want. Financial regulation allowed the CEOs of these corporations that got us into this mess to profit once again with loopholes. That regulation was a joke leaving alone things like derivatives which led to a lot of our original problems. They have not reinstated Glass-Steagall which might've prevented what happened. The Wall Streeters are ready to pluck the goose again and it looks like Obama doesn't give a damn. This could take out whatever is left of the rest of our investments while they once again rake it in and where is Obama on this... AWOL or worse.

Democrats wanted Guantanamo gone with a prison system for those who have committed real crimes where the rest of the country can see that it is being done-- in other words with real trials and oversight. We wanted no more torture (he just ships them elsewhere for that), no more rendition (see above), more attention to citizen rights and we end up with more spying, more invasion of our space, and continuing two wars to prop up corrupt dictators. We have given up so much and what exactly did we get for it? Certainly not a country with less fear of serious illness wiping out a family's whole life.

What is causing my rise in blood pressure today though is the last straw. He is not only evidently going along with the extension of tax cuts that requires borrowing from the Chinese and the Arab nations, that puts us deeper in debt, but he's piling more onto it when he suggests cutting the payroll tax on SS supposedly for a year when Social Security is already in financial shortfall.

Obama began a fiscal panel where it was to look at ways to cut the cost of government and make our system balance out. One of their big suggestions was means testing for Social Security benefits which means if you saved any money during your working years, you will get reduced or no benefits until that's gone down to whatever level they decide based on their definition of sufficient means, I guess. Basically it's turning Social Security then into another welfare program... at the best if it doesn't get destroyed totally by the Republicans putting it into the stock market (see above about regulations there-- not).

I know my blood pressure is going up but the only hope now is Democrats find backbone and vote him down on these tax cut proposals. Who cares if he looks bad. Vote him down and let all the tax cuts expire. Call the bluff of the Republicans because it is better than the alternative. Then we can wait out the two years left where we have to bear with this man in the White House with the foolish hope that the Republicans will nominate someone competent to run against him next time. Who might that be... One name does keep coming up.

For you lovers of the Sarah Palin, who think she is the real deal for being a hunter-- what kind of responsible hunter goes out with a gun they haven't tested on a firing range? Does it seem reasonable to you to use a gun with less velocity to protect yourself from the kick and not worry about having enough fire power to kill the animal mercifully? Especially if you haven't spent time with that gun to be sure you can hit with deadly accuracy? What kind of person does that and in front of a TV camera to boot? I would suggest at the least a borderline sociopath...

If you don't know what happened, check out a synopsis on Immoral Minority (Palin's least favorite site). Sure it's not a site without bias. I suggest you try to find such a thing in our divided world.

I don't watch her show for obvious reasons (only partly because I watch absolutely none of the so-called reality TV which I find to be abominations and part of the dumbing down of America); but I have been reading about her show. This one has to show people she's a fraud... if they have a brain in their own heads. Am I a dreamer?

Won't the fact that Caribou Barbie has shown herself to be a fraud about hunting lessen her chances of being selected as the Republican candidate or even give her any voice in who does get selected? Am I kidding myself about Republican voters after Christine O'Donnell and Sharron Angle?

Here comes Santa Claus... Here comes Santa Claus...

I got distracted on Palin, who is more a joke if it wasn't for how seriously some take her, but might I suggest that anybody, who thinks as I do about this tax bill monstrosity, write and call their Democratic representatives and Senators and tell them if they vote for it, we'll never vote for them again. Somebody needs to put a foot down and say it's time we grew up. No tax cuts are better than this!


Kay Dennison said...

Hallelujah amd AMEN!!!!

I am with you 110%!!!!

Infidel753 said...

I know my blood pressure is going up but the only hope now is Democrats find backbone and vote him down on these tax cut proposals.

The problem is that voting down the deal would mean voting down the unemployment-insurance extension which is part of it. This would be an immediate disaster for millions of people, and the resulting contraction of demand for goods and services would likely wipe out a lot of jobs, something the country can ill afford at the moment.

Much as we might wish otherwise, the President and even a Congressional majority cannot force things through if the opposition party has the numbers to filibuster and is rabidly determined to obstruct.

The anger which so many feel towards Obama and the Democrats right now would be more productively turned toward pressure for Senate reform in the next session to eliminate the filibuster. If the Senate were able to work with a simple majority instead of needing 60 votes, almost every major battle of the last year would have turned out differently -- health-care reform would easily have passed with a public option, for example.

with the foolish hope that the Republicans will nominate someone competent to run against him next time.

In 2012 we'll have a choice of two individuals. Whatever Obama's flaws, don't you think that pretty much any likely Republican candidate would be worse?

Rain said...

Those are the points, Infidel, but are they accurate? Would the unemployment be extended anyway and this was subterfuge? This one doesn't help the 99ers anyway.

We might have a third choice in '12 and that will make it really tricky. What if Bloomberg runs as an independent?

And my main beef with this is pulling the SS tax into the mix. What was the reason for that? Why not just up the earned income credit and let SS continue on as it has been-- supposedly underfunded this year anyway. Is there more to why this was done that the need to get money into the pockets of the working poor? That is in my opinion is also a Trojan horse.

Anonymous said...

Il semble que vous soyez un expert dans ce domaine, vos remarques sont tres interessantes, merci.

- Daniel

Rain said...

I am far from an expert, but I am as informed as an ordinary citizen can be and have strong opinions :)