Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Have Leaders on the Right gone totally nuts?

Have Republican leaders like Mitch McConnell gone totally nuts?

In this crazy speech, McConnell actually had the mendacity to accuse Obama of already nationalizing health care, the auto industry, banks (any regulation on them means takeovers) and I forget what else.

First of all the Obama plan for health care doesn't have a public option, no single payer, no government insurance companies. Medicare and the VA were in place before Obama got there. All Obama did is try to guarantee coverage for all citizens and require everyone who can afford it to buy insurance (from private companies) with the others receiving government help to pay for that private insurance. Nationalizing? Does McConnell understand what nationalizing means? If he does, he assumes those who follow him (there must be somebody as he's Minority Leader in the Senate) do not.

Second-- the auto industry got loans which they are ready to pay back or already have. It saved those jobs and kept a vital industry manufacturing. Do Republicans really want all those jobs shipped overseas? It would seem they do. Do they understand security on a loan? Maybe not.

Mostly, do they assume their followers don't know anything? Scratch that question. The answer is obvious.

Now as for NET NEUTRALITY-- is it really in our best interests to have corporations take over the Internet by making pay sites come in fast and slowing down those that don't pay to the point that having a high speed computer would do one no good. I am no expert on this but as it stands, we already can choose to pay for faster speeds and pay more (we do that) but isn't this about the programs we can access as much as our server?

While it is about limiting freedom-- the freedom of corporations and advertising to control the effectiveness of the Internet through speed-- isn't it also about keeping access open to many different kinds of things. Oh you'd be able to get all that you do now... if you don't mind slow as molasses.

How does the user gain when what comes in extra fast is from ATT, Verizon or Comcast and those who paid extra money? We pay and should for internet coverage through our servers and sometimes through special programs we decide to add. From what I can understand (and it's not easy to understand) this would be something new that would slow down some of what we got even through a server we had paid to get.

It's difficult enough right now that when I want to do a search on Google, I get the corporate interests first, even if they barely relate to my search. This isn't enough for the powerful. So the Republican fear once again is that the government would block rich people from controlling our country.

Wild talk by McConnell wasn't the only sign of mental derangement from old guard Republicans. Have you read the latest spiels from McCain and Graham over the Start Treaty and DADT? Listening to them for awhile makes it sound like sanity is a rare quality in right wing leaders. And perspective? What is that?! David Corn does a good job analyzing their perspectives.

How do these guys live with themselves? Graham hasn't had long enough to read the treaty? It's only been there since April. Both of them won't vote for it because of DADT being passed? How do the two relate exactly? And these guys represent the patriotic branch of their party?

To even suggest McCain isn't patriotic is to be instantly reminded ad nauseum of his time as a POW and his years of a handicap due to torture. For how long does that mean people must ignore what this guy's personality is like today? Does that give him a free pass on patriotism for the rest of his life? All I have to do is remember how he gave us Palin and I think his patriotism today is a farce. For John McCain, it's all about John McCain. He's a spoiled old man with no clue about the real world due to his wealthy wife and years in a cloistered environment known as the Senate.

That wasn't all the nuttiness... There was the whining over not a long enough Christmas break for the Congress, not having it be a full two weeks. How on earth can you get to Fiji for a fact finding mission if you don't have two weeks to do it? Sacrilege, I tell you, sacrilege to these Christian... senators.

Harry Reid gave them a little perspective on that one about what Christmas break means for most Americans (hint: if they are even allowed to take two weeks off it's either out of their vacation time or they aren't paid).

Here's some more perspective on the Christmas holiday that goes back a bit farther than the one these guys created for themselves.

Perspective is something that is in short supply with these old time Republican leaders. We'll see how this goes when the new guys come in to join the party...


Kay Dennison said...

In re: The question in the title of this post. The answer is a resounding "YES"! but you knew that.

When Jim DeMint and company are more concerned about *their* holiday than that of the people who pay them, it's plain damn WRONG. Again --I goofed! The people who pay them better than we do -- i.e., the corporations and lobbyists -- don't care what they do as long as they vote the way they are told.

And this behavior is sealing the deal that I will never vote for a Republican candidate again and I know I'm not alone in that.

I've decided that DeMint, McConnell, et al are selfish _____s (insert profanity of your choice) have only a nodding acquaintance with what we ordinary mortals need or want.

And I'm tired of Obama trying to play nice with the bullies. I want that "change you can believe in" stuff and I want it now.

Infidel753 said...

Have Leaders on the Right gone totally nuts?

You mean you only just noticed?:-)

Thing is, it's not about promoting any specific policy or agenda any more. It's about opposing Obama no matter what he says or does, partly in order to make his Presidency a failure so he won't get re-elected, but mainly because deep down they somehow see him as illegitimate.

If Obama were to come out in support of the Sun rising in the east or two plus two equaling four, half the Republican leadership would immediately declare their opposition.