Thursday, December 16, 2010

caretaker or destroyer

Years ago,, I came to believe the best way to divide people into groups was -- caretakers or destroyers. It isn't about religion. It's not about political parties. It's not about pretty or exciting speeches. It's not about what someone looks like. It's what does that person really want to do for and to other people. You see the two types in all races, ethnic groups, sexes, cultures, ages, religions, etc etc.

The hard part of this is understanding what a caretaker is. I think we all pretty well get it where it comes to destroyers; but a caretaker isn't an enabler. Enablers do what they do to keep their own power. A caretaker looks to the long range, has plans for what would really help, calls it for what it is, and is willing to pay the price for doing so.

Naturally with this concept in my own head, I liked this article: John Avlon on a new group called-- No Labels

He and Mark McKinnon, one of his co-founders, have infuriated Rush Limbaugh with this idea and equally earned Keith Olbermann's world's worst award. This sounds promising if you can irk two extreme partisans at the same time. I admit that isn't exactly a peace loving satisfaction for sure (caretakers wouldn't be after peace at any price) but this new group is definitely on the right path with the understanding that independents don't fit labels. You can be a social liberal and a conservative fiscal. You can think for yourself and support one party on one issue and another on something else.

Now I don't have any hope for how the Republicans currently in power, and those coming into the majority in January, will govern given what they say. If Boehner's first goal is to get through school vouchers, which will decimate the funding for public schools, while doing nothing to fix them, it's pretty easy to see how it's going to go; but Boehner isn't all Republicans.

If we can stop defending our guys no matter what they do and figure out our own core principles, then defend those who stand for them, work for them ourselves, that's a good start-- and No Labels would be part of that! It's not what we call ourselves. It's what we do that counts.


Kay Dennison said...

Boehner is a screaming hypocrite and a damn crybaby. I wouldn't place an iota of faith in him.

TaraDharma said...

I saw a story on this group on t.v. It initially sounded very sensible, but there was also some negative critique that had validity. I have no idea where I stand.

Rain said...

Well I don't plan to join any group but the point is right. They don't all have the truth and for me, they aren't all supporting the issues as I believe in them. I am not a straight Democrat and certainly not a Republican but I have issues that don't fit and I do believe labels are damaging especially when people are determined to support those with their label-- no matter what they stand for. That's as bad as a religion-- support us no matter what the facts because we're your side. I'd be politically an Independent except for you then can't vote in either primary in Oregon. Currently I'd be the type of person open to a third party but one never seems to be anything but a distraction leading to one party or the other of the main two to win