Wednesday, November 03, 2010

NO surprise

This comes as no surprise:

Republican groups coordinated on spending to bring down Representatives and take the house for Republicans

I know you probably think that's just fine if you are a Republican. I think most of us knew it was happening as in for instance in our state, it was DeFazio targeted and by one billionaire, not several. BUT here's the thing for you tea partiers and Republicans. What do you think these guys expect to get for this?

When unions did the same thing in terms of backing Democrats, we know they were out to do what they thought was best for the working guy. Sometimes they wanted to make it easier to force workers into unions which benefited them; but generally unions are out for labor. Who are these billionaires out for?

This election was definitely strongly impacted by this kind of money being spent. It will be even more so if nothing is done to stop it when the presidential election comes along. Is this really a good way to spend our resources as citizens? It means if we want our candidates to compete, we have to also donate except we don't have as much money as those billionaires; so in the end, we can't. Okay by you?

And before someone brings up Soros, he was out in the open for what he did and he's one billionaire. We know that the rich got richer under Bush. Looks like that wasn't enough for them.

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Kay Dennison said...

My question to these greedy illegitimate sons of Satan is: how much is enough?

I'm remember a Wizard of Id cartoon with this dialogue:

Messenger: "The peasants are revolting!!!"

King: "You can say that again!"

How long are we 'peasants' going to take it?