Thursday, November 04, 2010

letting it go

I have mentioned before that I won't be posting here for awhile... maybe a long while. The blog will stay though and eventually I'll get back to it. For now I am sick of politics, of going in circles with arguments over various issues, even of arguing with people I'd probably like if we were sitting around discussing it all with a glass of wine.

For now, icky as I will find it to hear John Boehner spouting off, to know he's two heartbeats from the presidency, I just am going to hope for the best. The worst didn't happen with this election-- thank you Sarah Palin for inserting yourself into the elections in Delaware and Nevada and hence giving the Democrats enough votes to hold onto the Senate. Without you, we progressive/liberals would be facing a much worse new year.

It will be interesting to see what the Republicans do with their new found power. It will be interesting to see if the Americans who voted for this change actually knew for what they were voting. I have no idea what Republicans and tea partiers will try to do about deficit spending, jobs, health care, financial regulations, immigration, Social Security, wars, impeachments, investigating everything except what relates to the issues I mentioned first-- not to mention all the important social issues, etc etc. Likely we'll hear a lot of blustering if we pay attention. I think winter will supply all the bluster I need.

For awhile it seems to me it won't be beneficial to be too emotionally invested in what happens. I don't really think it matters much if we write letters to most of them although there are a few exceptions. The Democrats didn't have the power some thought even before this thanks to the filibuster requiring 60 votes (and Republicans using it relentlessly); and now they have even less. Republicans could care less what I think.

I'm too into politics to totally stop paying attention; but I don't want to write rants about how irritated I am over what the Republicans do or don't do. I will be leaving the blog up; and if something comes up that is irresistible, who knows; but my plan is to leave partisanship to others until we start the ramp up to the 2012 election which means in about a year. 2012 will be the real story and where we see potentially the kinds of changes that could prove catastrophic if this trend continues. We'll see in the meantime.

Maybe the Mayan calendar really does mean something and 2012 will be the end of worrying about anything except survival... maybe *s*


mandt said...

"Ewe" got the secret! xxxooo MandT

Lori Anderson said...

Rain, I just started reading your blog. As a dual citizen of the US and Canada, I found your perspective very helpful. I am sorry you are "letting go". However, I well understand your sentiments. Thank you for your efforts. I'll follow you on Rainy Day Thoughts.

Rain said...

xxxooo back MandT. We have to meet sometime for a glass of wine and some of those discussions unless it's hear at the farm though... no ewes along :).

Lori, thank you for that. I will write about cultural issues on Rainy Day Thoughts because those things are of interest to me, they are ongoing concerns, but just going to let the partisan ones go until it matters again :)

Rain said...

here... I do know the difference, really... what I don't do is proofread enough ;)

Kay Dennison said...

I'm with you -- unless WWIII breaks out or they try to impeach Obama next week, I'm off politics and will probably do a lot of fluff that I've got here. LOL I (and my blood pressure need a rest.)

Robert the Skeptic said...

You have been blogging prolifically on these issues and I have been trying my best to keep up. I haven't always commented. But yes, I can see why you might have reached a "burn out" point. Still your comments are incisive and thoughtful, and you have handled criticism extremely well.

Now everyone is focused on 2012 which annoys me no end... it seems all about the race, like politics is just some type of sporting event. We don't care what they do in office, just who "wins". Disgusting.

That said, I hope Palin (The Quitter) runs in 2012, it should make it easy for even a trained chip to run against her on the Democratic ticket.

Thanks for keeping up this discussion, it was extremely valuable during this election season.

And a sigh of relief that Kitzhaber narrowly won here in Oregon.

Rain said...

Thank you, Robert, and I hope you and others who have been so helpful here to make discussions happen will continue to read my other blog <a href="</a>. It won't be partisan but I do like to discuss religious and cultural issues there and it might still provide some good discussions for us as a country regarding where we should go and what is happening to us positively or otherwise.

For me, education is a big one in that type of discussion and I think it can be done without going partisan with it. The issue is what will help our coming generations to compete in a world that is changing fast and are we meeting that goal? If not, why not? So there's lots to still discuss without it being political as such.

My concern right now is that the media, left or right, is all about stirring us up. That's fine when there is something we can do about it but what about when there is not? So I don't want to be part of that panic, paranoia, and pestilence programming. There is more to life than getting bent out of shape.

Ingineer66 said...

Robert, I pretty much agree with everything you said, but because I like to stir the pot:

In my best Keith Olberman voice, "So Robert you called Obama a trained chimp, why are you such a racist?"

Sorry Rain, it has been a long week and I find that kind of funny.

Paul said...

Rain, there must be something going around. I am weary of politics too. On my blog I am going in a change of direction for a respite.

Anonymous said...


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naomi dagen bloom said...

Makes so much sense to take a break from political things for the moment, so I can understand your doing just that. You are right that while many of us have put much into trying to make sense of what is going on, the media keeps scrambling things up.

Yours for unbroken eggs!