Sunday, October 03, 2010

Values Voters

Values Voters (VV from now on) is one of the names that politically oriented Christians are giving to their cause of making their religion the law of the land. By using that title, I think they indicate their belief that to have values, you must be a Christian. Well maybe they think Jews could but certainly not Islamics who they see as trapped to do whatever their Imam demands. Certainly not atheists and agnostics who cannot possibly live moral lives or care about values. This group with their agenda of taking over the country is having conventions, speakers, candidates and basically wanting to take back the United States from what I guess must be non-VV.

Here is my problem besides the desire to hook God into their crusade, the values they apparently think only they have relate to forcing their moral choices onto everybody else. They want what their religion teaches (which incidentally has almost nothing to do with teachings from the person they claim founded that religion) to be the law of the land.

Values Voters are apparently interested in candidates like Christine O'Donnell, those who think they are being directed by God. Now why God could not have helped her get a real job, pay her mortgage, indicate by how she lives her life that she knows how to help a country get its act together, well that's something we will have to accept as mystery, I guess.

Now I have no problem at all with people who wish to live their lives by the dictates of their religions-- unless that is hurting others. That's their right in a country that espouses freedom of religion. But what about when they want to force their so-called values onto me?

You know there are people who are VVs who are not Christians. Yes... shocking though that is. Like me for instance...  My values are that I believe I should not do things that hurt others or that hurts the earth. I believe in helping others whenever I can, not looking at those who are hurting with a shrug of my shoulder but for what could I do that might help. I believe in sharing when it really helps someone else. That's almost as simple as love your brother as yourself.

What I am saying here is that, I think that the left is also voting on values (shocking though this might be to right wing Christians but some of them are also Christians). Those values are things like not making the dollar our first priority, not damaging the environment,  taking care of the poor, educating children of us all, treating all people with respect until they prove they don't deserve it, and these values are important not just about us as individuals but as the collective us which seems lost in the rhetoric from the right. How can they talk so much about loving this country but lose sight of the fact it's made up of all of us?


I am trying to get a blog roll going here of good political blogs. I don't care if they are conservative if they offer real ideas and don't lie about the solutions they are offering. I tried to add Matt Taibi to the list but it kept giving me Rolling Stone's latest article on things that had nothing to do with politics. It's weird how blogger does that as the link works fine when I save it to my bookmarks...  So here is Taibi's latest blog and well worth reading even though it doesn't relate to Values Voters as such.


Robert the Skeptic said...

I remember when it was the "Moral Majority" pushing their agenda. I recall a bumper sticker that saying "The Moral Majority isn't!".

The Freedom From Religion Foundation publishes a list of ministers and "family values" politicians who are indicted, arrested or charged with any number of crimes... many of them sexual in nature.

Most of these so called Christians are Christians in their pronouncements only, they don't practice their faith. I call them what they are: "Christian Taliban".

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wally said...

I suspect that most Christians don't read the bible. There are many books published about Christianity and evangelicals would rather read the latest tome promoting some outlandish claim about the Christian's right to rule the world than to actually open the Bible and see what it says. The Christian Dominion ideology is not support by scripture.