Friday, October 08, 2010

Taking power

Recently we saw a film that was not favored by the critics for assorted reasons but which we enjoyed quite a bit. Prince of Persia, Sands of Time, is an action type film but it's about a lot more than the usual roller coaster ride in these films. It is about power and what some do to get it. It is also about standing up for what is right-- the first time.

In Sands of Time people have the opportunity to redo decisions but life isn't so convenient. When we have given up our power, it can be very difficult to get it back. This is some of what is being argued by the tea party bunch. They think they lost power and they want it back but their problem is they don't even know who got it. They don't know how they lost it and they are operating on emotion.

Whether you are a leftie or a rightie, using fear as a tactic works against your own empowerment. We cannot get anywhere by doing what we do based on fear. Oh, I know how powerful fear can be as a tactic. We only have to look at what Americans allowed to happen after 9/11, but how much logic went into any of that? A patriot act that arbitrarily can spy on anybody, arrest anybody, torture anybody, supposedly to keep us safe. Patriot act? Do these people know what the original patriots did to gain the freedoms this generation just tossed away? Clue-- they didn't value safety all that highly or there'd have been no American Revolution.

Some would say there never should have been because Canada got their freedom without it. You know sometimes what happens one place impacts another and it's quite possible that without the American Revolution a lot of other things would not have happened as they did. What that Revolution was about was power and with the Constitution the founders tried to ensure that the power of the people would not be lost to the bankers, the richest, and foreign interests ever again.

So let's see how that's going from the right who talk so much about freedom. Take the right wing Supreme Court who gave any corporation the right to donate money to political causes (this is from this country or elsewhere) with nobody even knowing who donated the money or paid for the ad. How do you like that today when you see the Chamber of Commerce blasting Democrats and Obama, and you find out how much money they have been given by foreign interests which they claim wasn't used for those exact ads. So they used it to cover their other costs while they used their other funds (most of which came from three billionaires) to blast the Democrats.

If you really want to take back your power, start by paying no/nada/zero attention to any political ad. Turn your mind off as soon as you see them come on. Even if they are 'your' guy. Instead, look at what the candidates have said themselves in speeches, most of that is online somewhere. Look at their history. See if their lives show any evidence for their claims. Check out sites like Politifact; Truth or Fiction; and others that explore what is claimed and look at solid evidence. Read political commentators; but don't listen to those ads. They are never where you will find anything but spin.

If you want your power, you have to take it and it starts with being informed about what is involved with your own best interests, not the Koch brothers...

I feel like with no photos here, compared to its sister site, it makes this seem as though I don't value it as highly (I do); so I am going to use a few starting with my Rose of Sharon, a shrub which I love, which has a rich history Biblically speaking for its name, and which I once used as the title for one of my fiction stories because it can be started from a very dead looking little stick that eventually turns into what you see at the top of this blog. It blooms in late summer but it's worth the wait. I still have faith in our country for our own blooming. It's not over 'til it's over.

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