Friday, October 29, 2010

Reagan's Legacy

It makes sense to me that religious righties would support the Republican party because it is the only party that will promise to take away the rights of others to do things christianists believe their god would want stopped. Limitation of freedom based on religious values is their truth, and it's not new to our time period. They are on a holy crusade to ban all abortions including that of a girl who was raped by her father. Don't let logic ever get in the way of religious zeal.

And it is about forcing their values onto others as nobody in this country forces someone to get an abortion. No one forces them to choose to end their own lives if they are terminally ill (there are NO death panels except maybe in insurance companies). The right wants to block other people from marrying because nobody is going to force them to marry someone of their own sex. Most fundamentalists favor the Republican party or the tea party because it makes sense. I get that.

What doesn't make sense to me are the so-called economic righties. They vote based on something that isn't true at all. The Republican party is as big at spending as the Democratic. Oh they talk a good talk, but ask them what they will cut and it's usually waste... innocuous thing to say with no meaning but it suits those who kid themselves about what the Republicans are really up to-- which is shafting the middle class while increasing the power of the rich.

They are all for privatizing Social Security so that workers can invest their own tax money and not pay for grandpa already on Social Security. Ask people in the stock market how that works. Guarantees are non-existent unless the government guarantees the funds... and if it does, the only thing this will change will be Wall Street getting more of the pie.

I could go on and on about this but the following link says it better. If you read it, think about it, you may not be thrilled with the left but stop to think who it actually is who has been helping the shipping of jobs overseas, limiting wages, eliminating environmental controls on water and air for the benefit of corporations, making it easier for the rich to control ads and the airwaves, and finally a tax code that benefits the wealthy and is slowly eating away at the middle.

Admittedly the Democrats have not done enough about this. But do you honestly believe the Republicans mean to do anything. Oh they talk about liberating you to make your own fortune by ending all regulations on corporations or financial institutions. If you believe that is what that means, you also believe in Santa Claus. Good luck with that!


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

Thursday will mark the thirtieth anniversary of the day that the American people got the peculiar idea in their heads that sending a feeble-minded reactionary named Ronald Reagan to the White House would be a really neat idea.

Was this a great country or what?

Tom Degan

Ingineer66 said...

A few observations from the article. It says that the lowest 90% Saw the greatest increase in income from 1950 to 1980 but the minimum wage only went from $0.75 to $2.90 in that 30 years. But in the next 30 years it went to $7.25 with many states taking theirs $8.40. Why were the best economic times for the lower income folks during a time when minimum wage did not increase much. Why when it was increased so much did it not result in lower income people earning more? Maybe constantly increasing it is not the panacea that Democrats make it out to be.

And if the lower incomes would have seen more growth in their take home pay then why not let them keep more of what they do earn? If them bringing home more money is such a good thing, then why let the Bush tax cuts expire? The lower income people are about to see the largest income tax increase in the history of this nation and the Democrats are saying it is Reagan's fault they are not bringing home enough money?

Rain said...

The only one blocking those tax cuts from continuing are the righties who want them to continue for the top echelons not just the people making less than $250,000 a year.

Income is not all of what makes things cost more. Possibly all the wars and the big jump in spending on the military is a factor in the whole thing or no way on that? lol

If you believe those years were better for the average working guy, I suggest you weren't around for them. Wages didn't go up much and cost of things did. I was there and trying to make a budget work.

Lowest income people pay no taxes now... federal anyway.

Finally I agree on one thing with the Republicans and that's the death tax but that's it. Otherwise they have set in place policies to benefit the rich and not the middle. And the people in the middle, like you, just don't get it. You are buying a pig in a poke and I just hope you see it in time.

I think the Republicans wanted Palin and McCain to lose so they didn't have to take the blame for what was bound to follow Bush's reckless years. Now they can come back calling themselves the party of fiscal responsibility and people like you somehow believe it. Amazing