Thursday, October 28, 2010

Olbermann on the tea party candidates this year

I almost never implant videos even in my other blogs; but this was just so succinct with letting voters know what extreme means, you know how a little extremism isn't a big deal to so many of them this time. I know a lot of righties don't like Keith Olbermann. There's good reason for that as he really does come on strong but with facts-- in this case, their own words.

Here are some you need to consider about what this brand of extremism will do if it can:

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Really think it doesn't matter?


Paul said...

Olbermann is pathological when it comes to Glen Beck-Beck has gotten under his skin. Personally I don't like either one of them !

Rain said...

In this case, Olbermann used their own words-- direct quotes-- as to what they believe and will do if they get into office and have the power. It looks like they'll get into office; now we'll see if they have the power and how much you will like it if they do.

If they do privatize VA hospitals, which run very well and cheaply for the taxpayer and turn them over the a corporation to run, the veterans will get the quality of care that corporation offers which might be okay and might be like the electrocutions in Iraq due to shoddy work by corporations we hired. It will definitely make the taxpayer pay more whatever the case. Odd that people who dislike taxes would also favor that, isn't it?

Ingineer66 said...

There are some things that are cheaper to privatize. But typically Professional Services are cheaper for the government when they are government employees and not contractors.

mandt said...

"Limitation of freedom based on religious values is their truth" This is a common misunderstanding. Evangelical Christianity is heretical, based on Old Testament authoritarian tribalism and antithetical to the teachings of Christ as found in the New Testament. Jesus was a revolutionary and liberal. True Republicans died out when they betrayed their conservatism to fascism, beginning in the Nixon era.

Rain said...

MandT, I assume you meant that to go to the blog in front of it. I agree but what I also think is that they have reinterpreted what Christ taught to fit the Pharisaical mind which basically is parasitical. It didn't take them long either in terms of religion but when it takes over a culture, it becomes the Taliban whether it calls itself Christian or Islamic or anything else.