Thursday, October 21, 2010

from bad to worse

Very much I would like to understand the reasoning of the right wing, not the nut job right but the average rightie who seem to support a party which has as its main concern protecting the interests of the wealthiest Americans and not the average Joes. How on earth have they convinced Americans to vote against their own best interests? I am mystified and it just gets stranger and stranger.

When Bush got the fifth conservative Supreme Court Justice, he secured the power of the wealthy in this country through enabling them or even foreign governments to donated unlimited amounts of money with no requirement to identify from where it has come.

You know, those unlimited funds would not have to make a difference if Americans were smart and could recognize phony advertising when they see it. If they would check facts when someone like a Carly Fiorina promises she'll cut the deficit but they look at her corporate record and recognize she was a failed CEO who got appointed above her skill set (Peter Principle), rewarded by a corporate system that sends off corporate failures with more than a pink slip, who liked/likes to live the life of the rich, and is not likely to care about the average citizens in California once elected anymore than she did the workers at HP before.

The power of this moneyed set really is not greater than any average citizen (one vote) if average citizens bothered to get informed. The Koch brothers have two actual votes, but what they have beyond that is the power of the purse to fund a movement of ordinary people who somehow have become convinced that what is good for the wealthiest is also good for them.

When the Koch brothers have their gatherings of the elite as they did in June and will again in January [Secret GOP Donor Network], they include other multimillionaires, and have included Glenn Beck for media and two Supreme Court Justices-- Scalia and Thomas. Since the meetings require secrecy from attendees we can only guess their goals but it's not hard given how much these people benefit from deregulation of their industries and how much wealth they have already acquired.

Does anybody seriously think that being at an event like that doesn't tell you how those justices will rule on anything impacting these rich people? They aren't just political, they are bought and paid for by this catering to them. What is amazing is that while what is discussed at this meeting is demanded it be kept 'secret' they are also obviously so blatantly powerful that they don't have to fear anybody standing in their way.

When judges attend, does anyone seriously think they will then do anything to lessen what is happening in this country with it heading toward a nation with no middle class and instead the rich and those who serve them? If there was any doubt about that, the decision they made to give corporations the rights of citizens for 'free speech' told you to forget it.

The people in the tea party have been convinced they only need to worry about welfare queens and while they are looking that direction, they miss what is really happening. The ads these people are paying for tell you everything about how they manipulate voters. It does not have to work but with a television network and many radio programs all putting out the same message, it works with too many voters.

Did you see the clip of Rush Limbaugh showing an unflattering photo of Obama and telling his millions of listeners how it obviously shows Obama looking like the devil himself? You know Limbaugh doesn't believe in that, you could hear it in his voice, but he knows his listeners will hear it, see it and fear will grow even greater among those who fear Obama is the Antichrist which Limbaugh knows well has been one of the accusations from the weak-minded. It works too often, and who does it benefit when it does?

[Limbaugh lowers himself once again] to the lowest denominator to compete with Beck.

When the Supreme Court decided that a wealthy person or a corporate entity (from any country) could donate any amount of money they wanted to any cause or candidate, they tipped the balance of power from being about the will of the majority to the pressure of the wealthy.

Why is this good to righties? What possible reason do they have for wanting less financial regulations? How about letting businesses go overseas with no penalty here (which Republicans continued as policy by their threat of filibuster)? Then they give speeches about Obama at fault for loss of jobs while their corporate overseers, who fund their trips and hire them if they lose offices, they are the reason this is happening.

Why do the right wing want the wealthy to have more power? I scratch my head trying to sort through why the right leaning middle would be voting as they are. I read how Obama is having a hard time getting the white working class to support him; but if they don't support him, what exactly are they supporting? Do they have a clue?

I hear a lot of talk from the tea partiers about freedom. Does that mean freedom to pollute, freedom to cheat, freedom to manufacture overseas and take the profits back here with no taxes or low taxes on them, or is it desire for freedom for citizens who don't have jobs with benefits to get sick and not have a regular doctor to go to? What freedom are people talking about? Freedom to be an old person with no Social Security and no doctors? Please, help me understand what freedoms? When Obama wanted to keep the Bush tax cuts for the average person but not keep them for the wealthiest, the Republicans blocked it. Whose side are they on? Okay, I know that but why do any voters support that?

In Oregon a very good Congressman, Pete DeFazio is in a close race with a total nut job right winger, who taught his children at home from books that teach that blacks are inferior to whites [Robinson], who argues that global climate change isn't happening with no proof but plenty of muddying of the waters. Who is running on being a scientist while not acting like one.

DeFazio has done a good job for Oregon; so why is the race close? Because one guy who was a hedge fund billionaire, who resented DeFazio trying to put regulations onto those like him has funded the campaign against him. Hedge Fund Billionaire Funds Robinson Campaign.

This is what happens when advertising works. This is what happens when you can afford to throw a lot of money against one or two politicians who don't go the way you want and they can't match your funds. There is only one way to stop it-- quit having it work! People do not have to be influenced by these slick ads. They can look at the issues and vote accordingly. For those who have right wing religious values, I do understand even while I disagree but for anybody voting on economic issues, this whole thing makes no sense at all.

We know government has been corrupt to varying levels, but tell me is there any reason to think Republicans won't make it even worse with their total caving to the wealthy? When will we reach a point where we cannot go back?

DeFazio isn't taking it lying down-- and neither have we as we donated, earlier in the month, when we saw what was happening, to his campaign even though we don't get to vote for him since we live a bit north of his voting district! He is the kind of Congressman Oregon needs. The kind our country needs. Yes, that's my opinion.


Robert the Skeptic said...

We are so DAMN FORTUNATE to have Peter as our representative. His name alone means ethics and integrity.

Art Robinson is as nutty as Christine O'Donnell. And yet again I keep wondering who cut the head off the Republican party, they are obviously running around without one.

Parapluie said...

I voted for Peter. I have voted and it is over for me and I am going to move on.

Rain said...

I like how we do it in Oregon. I didn't vote for the change as I liked going to the voting booths, seeing the ladies who ran them out here,sometimes the only time we'd see them that year; but it's so easy now and I do think more people vote.

It will be down to the wire on a lot of these elections which will determine what happens for the next two years in Congress. It will matter but election results do come from those who vote and sometimes we win-- sometimes we lose and have to try harder next time. I'd rather not think about it for awhile but until the voting is done, I'll be writing about it here in the hopes that it will change a mind somewhere *s* I know... dream on!

Rain said...

Mainly though it's just in the hope that Democrats will get out and vote as I think most Republicans know what they want. They will win if Democrats stay home.

Ingineer66 said...

Robert it appears the Republican party may have cut its own head off. There are stories going around that there is no real leadership from Michael Steele. So like many affirmative action appointments he got the job because he had the same skin color as our President not because he was qualified to lead.

Rain, do you have any comment on Juan Williams getting fired from NPR for doing commentary on Fox News the same week that NPR accepted a $1.3 million grant from George Soros to help give people the "correct" context of political candidates?

Rain said...

Ingineer, I thought NPR was wrong irrespective of the donation from Soros which I don't really know what he gave to them as I heard he was giving it to Media Matters. The issue with Williams was he expressed his opinion which might've been silly given terrorists don't dress up to tell you who they are, but it was just his viewpoint and not when on NPR. I imagine they were just looking for an excuse to fire him since he also works for Fox. I am not sure it gained them anything.

It is one of the ugliest times I have seen in politics and not sure what we will, as citizens, gain from it :(

Rain said...

For info on the Soros grant to NPR, which I had not been up to speed on, which many are saying they never should have accepted given his partisanship, here's a link: NPR's Juan Williams disaster

Rain said...

One thing you can bet on, whoever controls the House and Senate after this election, this battle is not over as it's very much a cultural one. Who are we as a people?

Ingineer66 said...

I agree that Juan's comments seem kind of silly, but he spoke the truth of his feelings and it looked like just an excuse to fire him.

The 9/11 hijackers were trying to blend in and wore regular clothes with regular haircuts. The Muslim with the long beard and his wife in a burka are probably not there to blow up the plane. I look at everyone that gets on the plane but especially at young white and black men that appear to be Muslim converts. When I see they have a round trip or at least connecting flight ticket or they are talking about what they are going to do when they get to their destination it makes me feel more at ease.

Paul said...

The fact is that "19 Muslims" killed over three thousand Americans on 911. Fanatic Muslims, but Muslims nonetheless. The Left can sugar coat it anyway they please, but if it had been Christians or Jews who did it I would say the same thing. The truth is the truth! Juan Williams did well to leave NPR . Nina Totenberg said far worse things and not a word fron NPR !

Rain said...

So when a white kills someone, it's whites killing people or a black or a Christian? You like that when a fanatic bombs an abortion clinic, it's Christians out to kill abortion doctors?

I think the problem with Williams for NPR is he was working for Fox and they are a known arm of a political movement. They just wanted to get rid of him. What he said was ignorant and stupid though and that doesn't make someone have much faith in anything else he says-- unless you listen to fox regularly. The idea that someone in a Muslim robe is the one to watch out for was covered well by ingineer when he described who you do need to be keeping an eye on and how to be discerning, not discriminatory.

Rain said...

And those terrorists on 9/11 were not devout Muslims given what they were doing ahead of the murders. I ran into a lot like that when i used to go to chat rooms and they were hitting on any woman they could. That's not the sign of a devout religious person (not in Christianity either).

Rain said...

On the Juan Williams fracas, this article is a look at the way the right wing is trying to use this--

Juan Williams firing reveals most about American right