Saturday, October 16, 2010


There is so much to write about right now that I was torn over which offended me the most. I opted for this topic, but the other will follow rapidly. It just isn't as emotionally upsetting to me as: [Obama's Don't Ask Don't Tell Madness]

Basically the people who read this political blog more or less want someone to defend Obama. I get that. I see as they do that the alternative is much worse, but can we really defend what is wrong just because it's our guy and not end up losing our own collective souls?

Lately, Obama has been making it darned hard to defend him or to even understand what he's doing. Does he want so much to be friends with every kid that he doesn't realize actions have meaning? Does he really expect the Republicans will ever go out with him? Does he think the ones who brought him to the party have nowhere else to go?

The last one could be what he figures or maybe he really wants the Republicans to win this one. Maybe somebody told him he should want them to win it because despite his going on the stump for Democrats, he's doing an awful lot to undermine them with putting out this kind of tripe.

First of all, it's not up to Congress to end Don't Ask Don't Tell. Congress cannot be trusted with Constitutional issues and it was never intended to be. Congress should be made up of statesman but it's actually mostly made up of politicians who are always in it for the bottom line-- their own.

When Civil Rights for minorities was made the law of the land, it was done by enforcing the meaning of the Constitution through the courts. When women were finally given the right to make decisions about their own bodies, it was done by enforcing the meaning of the Constitution through the courts. Now here we are again and a Democrat... a damned Democrat in our president, dares to make the case that gays must only gain their rights through... wait for it... Congress.

A do-nothing, easily intimidated, paid for by the highest bidder, lack of guts, Congress should decide that the idea of taking one whole class of people and denying them the rights of everybody else, that's not okay?

Well if we have to wait for them, given the way it's been going, it won't happen. Congress, especially not once the Republicans take back the House and Senate, won't do any of that. They will be too busy investigating Obama for every nitpicking thing they can come up with to find grounds for impeachment. Some won't even wait for that, they'll be filing the first shot as soon as they get those heads of the committee positions to authorize investigations and issue subpoenas. These are the same types who spent the Clinton years doing just that. We know what they are already promising, people like Issa who is in a position to have that power if Republicans take control. Does Obama really not pay attention to history? If you don't get it as to what they will be doing, it means you also haven't been listening or paying attention these last two years when they tried to block those who had it from doing anything.

Obama is right in one thing. Right now, there is no alternative to supporting Democrats, not with the Republicans eager to gut any chance for the middle class to regain jobs or even get the educations to get those jobs, not when the only thing they can see cutting are more public services while they grow the military, when they would take gay rights backward, but he's wrong on what he did.

The ugliness of what Obama did to those who have supported him, who know that it is wrong wrong wrong to deny gays the right to marriage and to serve openly and proudly in the military, to do that means he has sold all of us out and not even to the highest bidder as the other party already has them. This is worse for the kids growing up who still cannot live in a country that recognizes although we might be born different colors or sexes, we all have certain unalienable rights.

He sold us out to people who support someone like Christine O'Donnell who made the religiously bigoted, stupid and ignorant comment that being gay is the equivalent of adultery in the military... Excuse me but being gay is a biological fact and gay people are no more required to practice sex with someone else than a heterosexual (of course, she has a crusade out there to make self-satisfying sex equally sinful).

O'Donnell might not win her election but people who think a lot like her are going to win enough to make it quite possible that the Congress will be under Republican control. Obama through asking the court for a stay on DADT, by announcing the feds will enforce drug laws no matter what the states might decide (watch him go after Oregon's death with dignity law next. The only question will be before or after the election), as he tries to consolidate power for the federal government through putting down Arizona's attempt to regulate illegal immigration, like saying he could work with Republicans if they do win (Is he not only an opportunist on all of this but also nuts?), Obama will be part of helping a Republican Congress to happen and we lefties won't soon forgive him for it. We voted for change, not more of the same old same old.

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Parapluie said...

My heart feels you are loving and good and emotional to be outragged by Obama's stance on DADT. As for me I still am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and disbelief in my mind. I remember correctly Congress was about to vote on the issue before the August recess? When will it come up again? I guess the courts could be overwhelmed with stuff congress could pass. I don't know enough to know.

Rain said...

It is possible the lame duck Congress will do what is right but they tried to pass this and a threat of filibuster, which is basically a game they play now with no real filibuster but they only have to say they will, blocked it. Will they be any braver getting 60 votes when we know the new Congress might even have a Republican majority? Obama cold have waited to see what they could do after the election but by acting now, he makes a lot of people think he doesn't care that much about what he promised when he ran for office and won the presidency.

Ingineer66 said...

There are so many things happening right now that I would like to write about. Almost every day I hear or read something in the news that makes me want to react. Some are local issues, some are California issues and of course there are national issues. But I have been working a ton and have barely had time to read a couple of blogs, let alone write one.

Rain you know that we pretty much agree on the topic of gay rights. So you will not get an argument from this conservative. If DADT was initiated with an executive order then why is Obama punting to Congress? Especially after he made it one of his major campaign promises. He seems to demur to Congress on controversial issues. It is what somebody that has weak leadership abilities does. He doesn't want to get blamed in case one of the tough choices ends up not being popular so he lets somebody else do it.

Enough about Obama, back to DADT. It cracks me up when I hear some of the arguments against ending it. Some sound the same as the arguments against ending segregation. People act like there have never been any gay people in the military or something. The second thing that annoys me is the argument about improper behavior. There are far more problems with heterosexual fraternization than there ever will be with same sex fraternization. There are not enough gay people in the military population to make it a major problem. And we have a volunteer military so you are still going to get people that want a military lifestyle. Perez Hilton is not going to be volunteering to be a Marine. There are rules of conduct now and there will be in the future for all military members.

TaraDharma said...

Rain, I am so mad at Obama over DADT for so many reasons: national security, human rights, going back on his WORD to eliminate DADT. He says he wants to eliminate it, but wants to wait for congress? When congress may soon tip conservative? Is he out of his freakin' mind? All he had to do at this time was NOTHING. He could have let the judge's ruling become the law of the land. He could have come out with a speech and explain that, while he would have preferred the policy be overturned by congress, it is in our nation's best interest to end it now rather than later, and let the decision stand. I cannot fathom what is going on in his mind...I'm so pissed I can't think straight (ha!).

mandt said...

WOW Rain, you are magnificent when pissed-off! lol :)