Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Rewriting history to suit an agenda

 Politics has been so disillusioning lately that I haven't had the heart to write about it after reading this or that. What I am trying to understand is who are Americans, at least that 50% who seem ready to vote Republicans back into power in Congress. Two years ago Americans wanted change. Change came. Now they want whoever was in power before they felt they needed that change? This makes sense???

Some is the rewriting of history by those who were involved in doing what Americans didn't like but evidently do now. It starts with memoirs to justify their actions by redefining what happened to make themselves look better. There have been a ton of books about how we got into the Iraq war, but the big players waited. Now here comes Tony Blair, with Bush following in the fall, as Blair defends his decision to go to war in Iraq even though it might have been wrong-- even though it might have been based on lies because after all, lying is sometimes a good thing.

So apparently is omitting all of what happened: Tony Blair Memoir

This war was not paid for, at least in the United States. It was justified by deceit. It is still being defended by the right and will increasingly be so as we move forward into elections to decide if our country puts the people back in power to do it all again.

Just think how it'd have been if Dick Cheney had been in total power instead of just the power behind the throne. According to Blair, he wanted to invade Iran, Syria and I forget who else... obviously without paying for any of it. I always find it amazing how those who feared fighting wars when they had their own chance are so quick to send others off to do it when they get too old to go themselves. How convenient!


HMBabb said...

Every time I hear a Republican start about the deficit I am reminded that the entire Global War on Terror, including the completely unnecessary Iraq War, was funded by deficit spending... and that the economy tanked on THEIR watch.

Bumps Stump said...

Hi Rain . . . Most of these former power guys write memoirs, and most favor themselves whenever possible. Nothing new here. It does bring to mind that their critics, however justified, have no reason to fall into the same trap. I submit that neither Republicans or Democrats can be dismissed as "bad news". Neither party has a claim on perfection.

My real concern is that the ONLY way for a citizen to improve either is by the ballot box.

It troubles me even more that so much incompetence and corruption has invaded both parties. Despite your hated Dick Cheney and George Bush, may I suggest there are just as many bad apples on the Democrat side. When you claim the Republicans have a history of failure you diminish the effective political blocking of the Democrats - and vice versa. Between the two antagonists, it is hoped that a middle ground might be reached. It doesn't always happen does it.

I try, unsuccessfully, to simplify our national politics in order to understand what is actually happening. Right or wrong, it helps form my view. I believe there are fundamentally two major political thoughts here;

1. conservative-libertarian-small government advocates-who desire to have the least government interference in their lives, and

2. liberal-far left liberal-big government advocates-who desire to have all citizens receive equal benefits by means of government controls.

You favor the second and I favor the first. Discussing each point of view can be helpful. It doesn't have to lead to a fight.

However, after watching and listening to the President's speech yesterday, it is inconceivable to me that any American would ever vote for our (#2) President or his agenda ever again.


Rain said...

So you guys will nominate Sarah Palin and you tell me what that will mean in '12? You nominated McCain of the who knows what you will get day by day personality and her last time. I imagine you will come up with somebody equally icky to the left and the middle leading to Obama winning again. You can't ignore the fact that two people run and we often don't choose what we would prefer but what we must as the other is worse.

Now I didn't listen to Obama's speech. I almost NEVER watch any of their speeches as I prefer to read the words later and that includes the hero of the libertarian right Glenn Beck.

I don't prefer big government but which party would you think is against it? Certainly not the Republicans who instigated two wars they didn't pay for and left our nation with a huge debt from that as well as the bank bailouts which right and left voted for.

Now I read articles saying how much Obama increased our debt in his first 19 months in office and know that the righties will ignore the reality that much of that came from before he took office.

As for hate. I wish you righties could understand something. You can dislike someone's policies and not hate them. Since I don't know either Cheney or Bush, I have no hate for either. I can't think of a single person I hate in this world. But that doesn't mean I have to approve of them or am ignorant of what they do. Bush and Cheney did a number on this country and I am tired of those who try to say it should not be discussed as part of what got us here.