Thursday, September 30, 2010

Obama and the Constitution

Writing about politics in the United States has to be one of the more disappointing things anybody can do. Where it would be nice to have one side to be on and see the other side as the bad guys, I don't see a good and bad guy world. I see a bad and less bad one. I wish I saw an alternative to that.

While the right wing accuses Obama of being unconstitutional on things like health care, Social Security and Medicare, I think that's ridiculous. Are they kidding? The requirement in the Constitution for the federal government to be concerned about the well being of the citizens means that those things are very constitutional and that includes education for our children as a federal and public concern where not just the elite get an opportunity for an education that enables them to compete for a piece of the pie.

What is not constitutional is what Obama has done in carrying on the powers of the Bush administration to 'fight terror'. I am so disappointed in that because there is not one single right wing candidate for president who will not do the same thing. Once power has been given up, it is not easily taken back. I thought we had a hope with Obama, certainly not with Hillary, but he disappointed me by his continuance of the Bush policies and maybe worse.

Basically is there any way out of this trap?  I sure don't buy that crap about a revolution as the solution. Does anybody who says that so glibly actually know what happens in revolutions? Who takes power when they are finished? No, they just like the sound of it as being easy. Revolutions are not easy and few end as well as our American revolution. Most cut off heads and end up with worse dictators than they began.

So it's got to be through voting and real candidates with real values. Vote for Republicans right now for a change and they will indeed spend the next two years investigating Obama for everything but what really matters-- violation of our Bill of Rights and Constitutional rights. They won't investigate that because it'd lead back to them. No, it won't be about what really is the invasion of our rights. It will be over health care or some other silly issue like does he use a teleprompter illegally. They will find plenty of things to take up their time without risking the real issue being revealed which is that the federal government continues to take power from citizens with things like increased spying on Internet usage of course, in the name of safety for the citizens. 

If you can read that article and not recognize it is what has happened, if you can read it and find some way to defend Obama, then I would say you are as extreme to the left as the right has been in defending Bush. So many people think (when it's their side) well the one they want to assassinate 'this time' has got to be a bad guy. Honestly, you can still believe that after all the times that has been proven to not be the case?  The right justifies what is done in its name just as the left does and because of that we are where we are...

I am so disgusted; and although I will be voting for Democrats in November, because of the disgusting stands from those on the right, if there ever rises up someone who really cares about the Constitution, not the right wing's reinterpretation of it to include corporations as being people, but really cares about what it actually says and sets out real plans for taking back our rights, for stepping back from the brink of a totalitarian government that will not change no matter who we elect, they'll have my vote.

Currently, I don't see anybody like that on the left or the right certainly not the tea partiers, that sad bunch who are totally oblivious to what government means and what is happening to ours as they lament the idea of health care for everyone while they ignore the real destruction of our freedoms with this continuation of Bush policies.

With the social Darwinism philosophy of the right wing Republicans, it can't be them. They have no clue what is happening either as it's all about lowering taxes (which already have been on the middle) and defending the rights of the richest citizens. They worry about old folks getting Social Security and want to privatize it for Wall Street to get it. They would end public education to save it... or something like that. No, it's not them.

Once again it's lesser of evils but that's not good! That is majorly disappointing.

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Robert the Skeptic said...

Here in Oregon the Republican gubernatorial candidate, Dudley has accumulated TWICE the millions that Kitzhaber has. Big business and big money always backs the the Conservatives.

I don't share the optimism that most have - I think corporate interests will continue to subvert the Democratic process and corrupt our Republic. They won't be satisfied until our country looks like Mexico with a huge pool of people who will do anything for a few pennies.