Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Immigration issues

For anyone who thinks that immigration reform should begin with amnesty, please explain how it will help this:

Real reform must address these kind of problems first, and I use that word problem loosely as this goes way beyond a problem. What is happening in those houses in Phoenix and in Mexico will, as the article indicates, happen to more than the immigrant population if the United States doesn't get tough on the border and make its immigration policies mean something more than words. And I give full credit to the sweeps that they are engaging in across other states. They have done more of that then past administrations but they have to do more.

When you show a group of lawless, soulless people, such as these human and drug smugglers, these coyotes, that you are not tough enough to stop them, they will take their violence further and further. There is profit to be made and they don't care who they hurt to make it. People like that prey on the weak. We better hope they don't think we are among them. Anybody who doesn't know that has lived a very sheltered life. 

Where it comes to immigration reform, it is not okay to do nothing and amnesty is doing nothing without other tough policies in place.

Some have found fault with Arizona with their attempt at a law to stop human smuggling at least. The liberal media found every bit of info they could to show how there was no real problem in Arizona. Try this article on for size and then tell me again there is no real problem.

I've driven that freeway a lot. Really and truly, that is acceptable in the United States? Blame Arizona's governor Jan Brewer all you want but look at the problem and then tell me the solution. For now the media has rushed onto other problems to cram down people's throats, but this doesn't go away in Arizona because they did. And if you pay any attention at all to how things are south of the border, you would have to be an idiot to not see it spreading north if something isn't done-- besides talk that is.

The Obama administration is suing to block Arizona's law as unconstitutional. Fine if it is but then what? Forget about it and put up signs on government land warning of the problem? That's enough? Turn our heads the other way at the brutal massacres happening in Mexico due to the cartel wars? Ignore the abuse of those who have been brought up with no clue what was going to happen to them?

Obama promised 1500 National Guard troops (currently has sent [thirty], (Bush was about as effective);  but even if they go down there, what real difference can they make unless the reason people smuggling is successful is dealt with at the other end also. Then the government can concentrate on the other half of the problem-- the illegal drugs that the same people bring up.

It is not okay to just do nothing even if a lot of liberals think it is. Someday it will be in their back yard and then they will think otherwise but the time to deal with it is now and it has to start with border control and making the reason humans can be treated like merchandise no longer profitable.


Kay Dennison said...

No amnesty is not the answer. I don't have an answer. And it's in everyone's backyard all across the country.

Ask the greedy businessmen across the country -- like Gerber -- who like hiring illegals to work for sub-minimum wage. Ask the farmers who work them dawn to dusk for the same.

A friend of mine has a business in the city and had tried to find someone to tear down a small building on his property to no avail. One afternoon, he saw 3-4 Mexicans clad in work clothes come out of the bar across the street. He called to them and he spoke with the leader and while he and my friend spoke and negotiated a price, the other guys were up on the building getting started. My friend (who is Greek and a born haggler) said he gave up on haggling because these guys obviously knew their stuff and were more than willing to do the job.

They had it down in near record time. My friend was happy and gave them a bonus for a job well done. The workers were happy because Costas was so generous.

Ask Dick Cheney and his Halliburton Toadies who run prisons where illegal aliens are
kept at a cost to us of 10K (?) a year per prisoner.

I'm almost convinced that American business really don't want to solve this. It's another "follow the money" thing.

Rain said...

But the coyotes are not in everyone's backyard. They are down along the border and they are a totally different breed than the ones who come up here for work.

Coyotes are why you see what you do in Phoenix with the abuse. I hope everyone reads the article. The people up here profiting from this are why people are being murdered and abused on both sides of our southern border.

The coyotes are why the Southwestern desert is no longer safe. Right now they are not everywhere. And that's part of what makes people think it is not a problem in Arizona. They see the ordinary people who are up here working, who work for less than others, who seem like good people and they ignore how they got here. How they got here is the problem.

The border has to be stopped as what they bring up will be worse and worse. The potential now is that they can bring up what is required to make a suitcase nuke. It's not like they would have moral reasons to not do so. Stop the border traffic and we can deal with the rest of it, let those come up who want to work but let them do it legally with green cards. Give citizenship to those who have lived here enough years, haven't gotten in trouble with the law and want to be American citizens. But unless we stop the border traffic for drugs and humans, this thing will escalate into something much worse.

Rain said...

In case I didn't make that clear enough. The problem in Arizona is not the average migrant. It's the people who bring them across along with drugs. It is trying to end the profit in their business. These people also sometimes bring the drugs up into our cities and they are a problem there also but the average migrant is just an ordinary person trying to improve their lives.

The argument can be made that migrants are taking jobs of Americans but it's hard to prove given many, as Kay mentioned, are doing jobs Americans don't or can't do.

Arizona's problem though is something else and it's why the viciousness of what is happening especially just south of the border is such a concern from those who live so close to it. Sometimes it happens on our side though also and is buried or hidden from the law.

wally said...

Mexico is tottering on the verge of being a failed state. When the collapse comes we'll be sending a lot more than 1500 troops to the border. A full scale invasion will be necessary to protect ourselves from the forces that will be unleashed.

Bumps Stump said...

Hi Rain . . For once (in a long while) I pretty much agree with you. The coyotes are wicked and way more dangerous than the unfortunate people that use them to cross the border. Those folks must be truly desperate to improve themselves and their families.

I'm not confidently sure how many of them even realize that they are breaking our laws. Some are simple farm folks living in such poverty that they will come whether legal or not. It's one thing to understand and another to NOT protect ourselves. A sad situation.

Amnesty is NEVER the answer to law breakers.
1. A controlled temporary work program might help.
2. A edict that illegals living in America must either become Americans within a reasonable period of time, or return to their place of origin might help.
3. The reguirement to speak english well enough to understand our government documents might help.
4. The idea that they must give up their original citizenship in order to become an American might help.

And so on and on and on. But we seem to accomplish NOTHING that might ease this very real problem. Our infrastructure and welfare systems are being overwhelmed. Let's get going.