Monday, September 20, 2010

the evils of taxes

This quote pretty much says it all, I think. The right wing won't agree, of course, they who are defending keeping the tax cuts on the millionaires before they rush back to saying we all must sacrifice to bring down the deficit. At least you now know who they mean by 'we'...

“Taxes are what we pay for civilized society.” Oliver Wendell Holmes


Robert the Skeptic said...

I am on the board of a couple of Home Owners Associations (HOA). The HOA collects dues (assessments) to pay for landscape maintenance, a pool in one of them, maintenance on the roofs and sidings, and such.

We are constantly bombarded by owners who don't want to pay - we are also bombarded by those same owners if they think the landscaping isn't done properly or their homes are not maintained. They want it both ways.

Now project that over the entire country. It seems that we have fallen into such a selfish state of individualism that people don't want to pay for ANYTHING that does not effect them directly.

Take my conservative sister; she votes against all school levies because her daughter is no longer in public school.

It's as though ANY thought toward any common greater good is viewed as Socialism.

Anonymous said...

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Ingineer66 said...

I do not mind paying taxes. What gets old is seeing my taxes continue to increase while the State and Local governments cry broke and lay off police and fire fighters at the same time they are starting new programs to duplicate other programs to give money to people.

I think that is really what the Conservative groups are mad about. It is not people trying to stop paying taxes, it is that they are tired of so much money going to things that the government really does not have any business doing.

I guess that is the real question here. At what point does what society pays in taxes become worth more to the people paying than what society receives in benefits.

Rain said...

i agree, ingineer. it is frustrating

Robert the Skeptic said...

You are finally beginning to get it, Ingineer66, yours and my taxes are, and have been, going up. But it is not because "government" is wasting it on programs (which, believe it or not, segments of the public demand ).

Our taxes are going up because over the past decades they have been shifted from the highest income earners onto us. Just like boiling the frog slowly to death by gradually raising the heat, we only notice when we can no longer seem to make ends meet.

Don't believe me? Bush tax cuts reduced income $2.7 TRILLION dollars. (

Apparently it worked great: Forbes 400: Wealthy Americans Increase Fortunes Despite GFC

After working in the private sector (banking) for 12 years, I've worked the remainder of my career in government Sir, believe me, government ain't the problem!!

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