Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Critical thinking

This was such a good piece that I thought it worth posting here so others would be sure and see it. It's about Christopher Hitchens, who is fighting what is thought to be terminal esophageal cancer. If he dies, it will be such a loss as he puts out a way of thinking that the world needs. Not all want to hear hard truths, and I haven't always agreed with him, but he is always worth reading. I hope he can win this battle because we are in a time where so many operate on emotions not logic. We need people like Hitchens (who can't be labeled a leftie or a rightie based on his opinions) more than ever.

All I can add is Amen!


HMBabb said...

Thank you for this post. I have somehow remained unaware of Christopher Hitchens and his writing, and he seems like someone I needed to know about.

mandt said...

Hitch is the New Age Oscar Wilde

Robert the Skeptic said...

Many people find Hitchens to be rather "caustic", but in that sense, he does not pull his punches. At times that is an effective approach.

I prefer Dawkins as a more straightforward but gently blunt spokesperson for Atheism.

Some Christians have applauded Hitchen's cancer. (What a typical "Christian" thing to do). Others believe he will seek gods salvation at the last moment before he dies. I wouldn't put any money on THAT bet.

He's a tough bird. He's do fine.