Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art and Politics

Awhile back, I liked what my friend, Parapluie, had said in a blogger comment. I saved her words because I thought they deserved being repeated. Then what does she do but paint two abstract paintings that exactly illustrate what she was talking about.

The paintings above are hers on her Umbrella Painting Journal site. What she is depicting is how journalism is impacting our culture using fear and anger as tactics to gain ratings or is it because of who owns the stations? I don't know but it's happening on all the media if you look at them. She explained the double inspiration for the paintings at Red Hype and Yellow Truth Twisters  Don't they illustrate what many of us are feeling right now about the news media.

What she had said before was:
 "As an artist, I find inside myself a transformation departing from the ways of our culture. Being involved in the creative process is very satisfying. Creative expression directs anger positively. Focus on making rather than tearing down is very healthy and healing. Debating politics and the act of trying to convert others to my way of thinking has not worked for me.

"The more I paint the more I want to explore. I am not so interested in making a product of art to sell. What I hope to do is engage my grandchildren and friends in creating.

"One of my projects is a chess puzzle for a group of four or more. It is a co-operative game in which all the pieces are used except the pawns. One person is the time keeper and historian who writes down the placement of the pieces and the moves. The diplomats who move the pieces must move all the pieces to the opposite end of the board from their starting place in the fewest possible moves. The game is made more complex by stationing pieces on two white boarders and two black boarders. The diplomats win when they all have moved their pieces to the opposite side without blocking other pieces. Before the timer is started there is a long untimed creative discussion and treaty making process." 
We are in a period of time where people lash out at others in anger and worse, where the media is so powerful, so invasive that it not only shows us what is happening but it can twist how we respond to it by their choice of what to cover. Her paintings of that seem to me to say a lot as well as her example of how art can used in ways that are sometimes stronger than words.


Parapluie said...

Thanks rain for seeing a relationship between my comment and painting. I am in the developing stage of the game. I foresee making a printed form for the historian. And two draw piles of cards instructing players on the order of the journey. also looking for players who will embrace the formative stage of the game.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I have long been disappointed in our state of journalism in this country. It has been co-opted by corporate interests and panders to the lowest common denominator.

I had a friend who got "expanded cable" service, so he was watching a lot of CNN and other news. He began to notice that he was having difficult sleeping at night and becoming anxious, and even angry at times. He realized that the constant drum of "danger-warning-fear" was getting to him. He changed his cable service - he now has the "sports package" and he tells me he sleeps better at night now.