Sunday, August 01, 2010

Kiss this war good-bye?

In the past, I have voiced my opinion on the expansion under Obama of the Afghanistan war (it's a mistake) and haven't had much to add to that. This article by Frank Rich, connecting the recent leak (Wikileaks) to the Pentagon Papers Daniel Ellsberg leak during the Vietnam War seems worth reading if you haven't already caught it. Any opinions?

For anyone not up to date on what's going on with this, the links are in the article.


Kay Dennison said...

I think Frank Rich has said it now. I asked a vet I know a couple years ago, "Excuse me? Isn't this just another damn VietNam?" He replied, "This is worse." Sigh.

I think it's time to get the hell outta there.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Again most disturbing to me is the ambivalence of the American public. If you really want to get the country fired up about ending this war, reinstitute the Draft.

Although an alternative strategy would be to start having the Conservatives begin to frame the war as "Obama's Vietnam" and make it appear that the Dems have a failed policy. The Conservatives then could garner public support as being the party that wants to end the war, pressuring the current administration to beat them to the punch by ending it before the next national election.

Damn, I should open um my own Policy spin "Think Tank".

cj said...

So, we should abandon the area and let Iran, that bastion of reason and sanity, take over?

There's a thought.


Rain said...

You think if we leave Afghanistan, it will let Iran take it over? Seriously you think they want it? What will happen is the Taliban will again take control if the Afghani people do not fight themselves for what they want with the help we provide them. It is a choice they have to make, but as it stands we are supporting a corrupt government and getting our own men and women killed and for something that every other occupier of that country has found impossible to do which is subdue that people.

I do hope if you want these continual wars, you also favor the taxes to pay for them. The righties sure didn't during Bush's era and that has led to a lot of what we face now-- two wars on the cuff and unpaid for tax cuts.

Call me a meanie and I can live with that but I do not believe we can fix all of the countries in the world who have terrible dictators. Try reading about some of what is going on in Africa and not just Somalia. The world is full of brutality. How much of it do you figure our country can fix? The world's mercenaries doesn't sound like a good plan to me, and after doing that, to have the people furious at us where we thought we were helping which is where Afghanistan is heading.