Thursday, August 19, 2010

al Qaeda plans for war with Israel

How seriously do you take this threat?

I don't think anybody expects the war begun by al Qaeda is over. It's just a between times. Not a good thought though at least not for anybody who would like to see peace, see our resources put to helping people, not killing them. The world though has always seemed to see solutions in terms of killing.


Rain said...

This sounds encouraging that there won't be an immediate war with Iran... maybe-- NY Times-- Iran is a year away. It doesn't mean this problem goes away but leaves it for the future... maybe.

Robert the Skeptic said...

Yes, all we need to do to instigate a war with Iran is:
1. Find the money to fund it, (hey Conservatives - this means either increase the deficit or raise taxes) and
2. Reinstate the Draft. Our "all volunteer" army seems to be stretched to the max.

Ingineer66 said...

I would hate to see an all out war with Iran. Many people there would love to have a more western country. What would be a much better scenario would be to recruit people from within Iran that are pro US and then have a very small targeted action against the religious leaders and other revolutionary leadership and then install a US friendly government. You know sort of like what Reagan was trying to do when he was selling weapons to pro western folks in Iran. It is a lot easier to plan than to execute, but would be much better than all out war with the entire population.

And the volunteer military is working quite well Robert. They are meeting their recruitment goals and actually turning away quite a few kids. Maybe if the Congress would fund a larger force or adequately equip the one we have, families would not have to buy and send basic supplies to the kids overseas. And maybe if the kids had the backing of the current President they would not feel so "stretched".

Rain said...

How can you say that, ingineer? You supported a president who sent our troops to war without adequate armor and they have for years had to buy better socks for anybody in the military. How dare you blame that on Obama! I am thinking you didn't know before and do now therefore you say it's Obama. Who voted against more veteran's benefits-- Republicans? You are standing on very shaky ground given you didn't want and don't want the tax increases to pay for these wars. What'd you think he was going to use for money if it's not taxes? Oh I know, any benefits for the poor so you can continue with lower taxes. Obama has been as supportive of the troops as any president can be for all the thanks you righties give him. grrrrrr

Ingineer66 said...

If so Rain why did he end the re-enlistment bonuses as soon as he got in to office. And my daughter joined in 2005, Obama was not President yet then. But she got out in 2010 a month after my son went in.

Rain said...

There are several possibilities for that. One that the military didn't need the bonuses given the unemployment in the youth of this country. They might've preferred to put their money elsewhere. Keep in mind presidents often due what generals and Secretary of Defense requests.

There is though another possibiliity. Maybe he saw those reenlistment bonuses as wrong as I do. To me the salaries while they serve should be a fair wage but bribing them to stay is not right. Many stayed when it was against their family's best interest. More important is doing right on veteran benefits for health care later, that their education promises are met, and making sure they are fully equipped while they serve. I have a friend whose husband used to be in the Marines and they ALWAYS had to buy better socks and things like that if they wanted the ones that were best for the feet under those conditions. That was ALWAYS wrong. Our men and women should be well equipped and families should not have to do it when often the families don't have a lot of money either. That is not Obama's creation though. He did NOT send our troops to a war of choice without adequate armor and it was years into the Iraqi war before they got it. Republicans talk rah rah but don't deliver as they do not want the taxes to pay for the services from the military that they want.

Anybody who wants tax cuts in wartime isn't really that interested in military personnel. They would be kidding themselves that you can fight such a war on the cheap without somebody paying a price one way or another.

Ingineer66 said...

I will agree with you on the socks for sure. My son threw all his away after boot camp. They were junk. We went to the exchange and bought him some good name brand ones.
Fighting a war on the cheap was a horrible idea. Rumsfield's War-Lite was a disaster.