Tuesday, August 31, 2010

51% of Americans want what???

51% of Americans want Republicans back in power.

"Steve Schwarzman, the billionaire chairman of the Blackstone Group, the private equity giant, compared proposals to end tax loopholes for hedge fund managers with the Nazi invasion of Poland." Paul Krugman
If you don't think it matters who gets in power, if you have been disillusioned with Democrats not doing all you wanted, if you think you won't vote this November, I hope you are aware of what you will be inviting next. The media is going to make it happen (left and right) as it profits them but it won't profit you.

I'd write more about this but it's too depressing!


Bumps Stump said...

Hi Rain . . . It appears that our nation is divided almost evenly. That makes me wonder why? In my book neither Republicans nor Democrats have much going for them. And the fractionating is getting more and more divisive.

The Libertarian-Conservative-Republicans have no platform to agree on. They have the wrong guy running the RNC and the only publicity about Republicans is bad publicity. Why can't these people find a platform they can agree on?

The Socialist-Liberal-Democrats seem to be getting a little worried about their own platform. At least they have one, but many Democrats are now concerned that Mr. Obama and crew have gone a bit too fast - and too far to the left. At least their platform (intent) is clear. The question is whether or not it is right?

Personally, I think everyone is disappointed and discouraged with our politics. We all face daily stories about corruption and dishonesty in our government. We all see the petty posturing that results from partisan politics, and the resulting stagnation of purpose.

I'm not concerned about the 51% or the 49%. I'm more concerned that we are making very, very slow progress on ending our wars, retrieving our troops, pulling our unfair contributions out of the U.N., eliminating the opportunity for earmarks to be quietly inserted in other legislation, in devising a solution to end illegal immigration, to establish criteria for those immigrants already in the United States to become citizens or leave, to eliminate each and every czar who has not been processed and approved by Congress, establishing once and for all exactly what kind of attack and how large an attack America will take before going to war. How's that for starters?


Rain said...

The divisiveness is our ruination. Neither party wants to do anything if the other party gets credit. I do not though believe in the values of today's Republican party with their vendetta against gay marriage, choice in abortion, lower taxes for the rich, screw environmental regulations, fight wars around the world; so they are no possibility for me.

For a long time I have believed a third party is needed but what the tea party is offering is not my 'cup of tea' given what they stand for, the silliness of what they say when they aren't saying things that are downright scary, the signs they carry, who they like for leaders. 100,000+ (some in costume what the heck is that all about?) of them go to hear Glenn Beck and even when he's not doing his political shtick, his religious is worse. and yet that's what they want? So it's not a tea party but something else for which I wish. I am to the point of wishing Perot's reform party was back and can't believe I said that...

Here's how bad it is with our country, I thought maybe Jesse Ventura was a possibility to lead a realistic movement to actually change things; then I read a lengthy article with the reason why that his claims of being a Seal were not accurate and that he was doing that kind of work all right in Vietnam (probably) but could not have been a Seal which makes me feel like what the...............!!! Is there nobody really honorable in that world? I want someone fiscally conservative and responsible while socially liberal and staying out of people's personal choices. I wonder if that combination exists. If it does, it cannot be nominated as a Republican, might be able to as a Democrat but how long would they stay that way once they hit DC? They'd corrupt even Mr. Smith (from the movie) with the rule of the lobbyists. It would take a leader of an iron constitution who truly believed in his principles and then they'd call him a Muslim, atheist or something else to get Americans riled up and knock him down and it would come from the right and the left.

Kay Dennison said...

I am not surprised by any of this. It isn't even September and I got a survey call from the DNC re: the November election.

I'm tired of the idiocy I hear daily from the teabaggers and Faux News and frankly want that network dismantled as a supporter of subversion. No, I don't watch it but it's shoved down my throat across the net. Integrity in journalism? I doubt any of the so-called journalists could spell it.

I sort of like Jesse, too, and I do think he's another victim of the nastiness that pervades our society these days. Telling the truth can get a body in trouble in the current political climate.

I am

Paul said...

Rain the great Will Rogers said it best,"We have the best politicians that money can buy."

Robert the Skeptic said...

I find it all so tiring and fruitless - I am now at the point of wanting to invoke the old Chinese curse: "I hope you get what you wish for".

People don't put any more thought into their political decisions than they do what brand of soap they impulse-buy at the store. The TV tells them what to buy and how to vote - no thinking required.

I'll send in my vote but I am under no illusion that I am just going through the motions. This new movement in America is all about "the individual". If we all act in self-interest, we are powerless and doomed to failure. This country's "great experiment" in democracy is on the verge of complete failure. I don't see any home.