Friday, July 23, 2010

Cognitive Disarray

Given the difficulty I find in keeping a blog going with both left and right readers and commenters, I especially liked this link a friend sent me about the situation we are facing in our country. I call it Cognitive Disarray, for wont of an actual term. It's when reasoning is chaotic, where we deny whatever doesn't suit our preconceived ideas, when someone feels they cannot trust their senses or facts from anybody except someone who suits what they already have decided they believe, when someone sets their minds to believe something and no facts will change it and where anything that threatens those preconceived viewpoints leads to derision or anger. With this approach there is no debating the ideas, not even with oneself.  Anyway check out this link for one study on this topic:

My blog illustrates the problem to me. I put up something here where it has a series of facts (yes, there are such things) and one little thing, that doesn't even hit on the main points, and yet that will be what gets picked up on rather than debating the meaning of the facts. I totally understand how we can see the same facts and draw different conclusions, but when we deny the facts at all, where does that leave us?

Where it leads is to blogs where we all gather together with those who think like we do. If like minds stick together, it  might seem reassuring but can we ever really work on our divisions? How do we understand others or have any hope of doing that? Eventually the 'they' become threatening and something we can consider killing with no compassion because we don't relate to them at all or worse consider them responsible for our problems. Do some factors gain when this happens?

Worse if we cannot use facts to make decisions, work on how they apply, and using the same kind of principles we learned in school logic classes, come to a conclusion that uses those facts, if we cannot do that, where are we left? I would say with emotions, like fear and anger ruling the day.


Bumps Stump said...

Hi Rain . . . "To thy own self be true". You've a good point here, yet it raises an obvious question.
Do you also avoid the facts you don't agree with? Bump

Rain said...

Obviously it does happen to both sides. I only have to listen to talk radio awhile to hear it and I am sure we all do it with tossing out the facts that we don't consider important or even thinking those are lies while what suits us is truth.

Rain said...

And since I am human, that means I can do it too. It's why I like to hear from people on both sides of issues to point out what I might have not seen.