Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Arizona Smuggling Corridor

This is a really good article on the problem of smugglers on our southwestern border and what must be done to deal with this problem: Arizona Smuggling Corridors. The mainstream media is ignoring this kind of information but Americans need to be informed. Maybe if they were, they'd be a little more understanding of what Arizona did. I have written about it quite often and won't go into it further here other than hoping that everyone will take some time and read the article and think about what it is saying. Most Americans, those especially who have not been down there, really don't know what it's like down there. This goes into the history of border control which helps to get a handle on where we are today.


HMBabb said...

Now that was just plain interesting. I still don't see how Arizona's approach turns any of that around, and I have an innate distrust of authority to not use the new law as a harrassment tool; but it does shed light on the issue.

Ingineer66 said...

I say that the wildlife refuge that has been posted as off limits to US Citizens should immediately be used for live fire bombing exercises by the military.

Rain said...

lol ingineer but I don't disagree that the concept that something would be a wilderness area and thus block the Border Patrol but obviously doesn't smugglers, that's nuts. The reservation is a big problem because it is 'sovereign' land and some down there are profiting from the smuggling themselves, hence want nobody checking it. The fact that freeways, not that far from the border for someone used to walking fast, provide easy dispersal adds to the complications

Ingineer66 said...

I read the article about the environmental rules that are handcuffing the Border Patrol and it is just more insanity. Look at the environmental damage that is being done by the drug smugglers and they are worried about the border patrol driving a quad along the border.
A good portion of the Border Patrol budget is being paid for environmental mitigation for damage they might do. Plus if they do go into a "sensitive" area they have to write additional reports and pay additional money.

It is like how much of our highway budget goes to environmental studies and mitigation. We have had storm water quality projects that had to pay additional water quality fees to be approved, as if it was going to do harm to the environment when the whole purpose of the project was to improve the environment in the first place.

Anything that the Border Patrol does within 10 miles of the border should be Categorically Exempt from NEPA. Just like anything that we do within our existing highway right of way should Cat. Ex. The money that is wasted to study dirt that was disturbed when the road was built in the first place is just crazy.

Rain said...

Some of this is ignorance. We just don't know the real cost of these things. Some is those in the case of the immigrants, who want the illegal labor up here for assorted reasons.

Like you and I have said before-- I want a practical party that isn't idealistic and faces things are they are not as some pie in the sky dream might wish they were. Realism appears to be out these days