Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Arizona Rest Area

This is one of those sites and photos that Snopes checked out and said was true which is not a surprise to anyone who lives along the border and travels into the desert. Some have been ridiculing other statements about the dangers in a region just northwest of Tucson. They are ignorant of the real situation there. Yes, people in the city of Tucson don't have to worry about it but going out to Ironwood National Monument (and a lot of other parks and open areas further south) leaves you open to coming across things you won't want to see.

Today I read a satirical piece putting down the governor of Arizona for speaking ill of her state when she talks about what is going on down there. That's supposed to be bad. She should instead be promoting it as a great place to live. It is a great place to live, to visit, but the idea of ignoring what is happening on the border reminds me of the movie Jaws. Don't tell people. It might scare them. Well letting them go into the water without a warning might do worse than scare them.

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Ingineer66 said...

When the whiners were complaining about the Arizona law, I got an email that was going around showing these photos and a few others. They started off by inviting Americans to come down to Arizona and see their beautiful park lands and then showed these photos.