Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wow a rant about the Bushites who just don't give up

Wow, I can already see how much I am going to like using this blog for politics as when something comes up that I read, instead of trying to fit it into a logical sequence in the main blog or even perfect it, instead of worrying whether my regular readers would like it, I can just write it out like I was talking to a friend over a cup of coffee and put it here knowing that it will only go to those already looking for political thinking.

Do you take your coffee black or with cream and sugar?

The latest reason for me to be glad about that was reading someone saying how they missed GW Bush. Feeling like the top of my head was exploding, I managed to leave there without saying all I was thinking. That's saved for here.

Bushites like the idea of a leader who acts sure of himself, I guess, and whether he does all the wrong things, that's irrelevant. All that matters is that he acts cocky. Symbolism over substance and GW had that in spades. Oh he knew how to pose and posture and then do what the richest Americans liked. While he cut their taxes to a level they hadn't seen since who knows when, he got the average American excited about it too... for the pennies he gave them. Bush was good at knowing his constituency and satisfying them while he convinced ordinary Americans he was one of them (yeah sure). He was a godly man, you betcha.

So while he managed to deregulate oil to the point that the corporations didn't have to worry about a system looking over their shoulder for their process, investors in oil were thrilled. The American public didn't mind if it kept their oil prices down. Never mind what that might be doing to the climate. And never mind what has happened in the Gulf because that will be on somebody else's watch when it happens.

What that oil is going to do to the Gulf may well be what it also does to the Atlantic and that can follow to the Pacific. For those of you who think you can live on land and not be impacted by the sea, you are so clueless about cause and effect, that it's no wonder you have supported Bush and his ilk.

Even for 9/11, which was on Bush's watch, he got a pass because it wasn't like he planned it to happen. No, but he did ignore all the warnings he got and somehow he was never held accountable for that with those that prefer symbolism and posturing to results. It works for those who ignore cause and effect and that's pretty much all Republicans from what I can tell. Conservatives? What are those? I don't think there are any to be found in that party today.

Under Bush, we started two wars which he, a man who loved war when someone else was fighting it, didn't pay for but put on the cuff. He sent our troops to war not fully armored but that was okay because he paraded around on an aircraft carrier like he was a pilot and the hero president in Independence Day.

With the mentality of those on the right who buy into symbolisms, their next presidential candidate will be equally disastrous, equally disconnected from results but that will be okay because they are equally divorced from reality and only care about feel good. It will be okay with those who have no ability to figure out why something happens or to look back far enough to find it.

I wrote about idealism versus pragmatism for how I felt a president who I would want should operate-- not in the realm of idealism but rather in that of pragmatism. No fancy symbols, no flag pins, just more realistically doing things step by step.

Right now Obama isn't doing all I want. He is doing a lot more  than Bush ever would or John McCain or Sarah Palin, and overall I am not unhappy with the directions. It's a start on a lot of major problems like getting everyone basic health care. A start is more than we had for the eight previous years when the talk was of individual freedom... freedom to die from a curable and preventable illness, I guess. Wahoo!

Do I miss GW? Like a hole in my head! And for those who do, you get the presidents you deserve. I just hope there aren't enough of you to give me another president I don't deserve. I had eight years of that with the consequences to be paid for for generations to come. And all the way, you will be clueless as to why it's happening. While you didn't blame Bush for 9/11 or for going to war without paying for it, you do blame Obama for everything that happened 8 years before he took office.

Should Obama still be blaming Bush for what he's facing? You damned well better believe he should!

Yes, I am going to like this blog a lot! I'm feeling better already!


Kay Dennison said...

Well said!!!!! I agree wholeheartedly agree with you!!!!

HMBabb said...

Geez! You go, Girl!

Ingineer66 said...

I was not a big Bush 43 fan, I did like Bush 41 and wish he would have got a second term. But Ross Perot screwed that up for us.

Anyway, I know that Obama did not cause all of the problems that are going on right now, but there are plenty of things that he is making worse or causing out right.
He is tripled the spending that was already at out of control. He is making it harder on our troops in both wars to defend themselves. He is prolonging the recession and recovery. It has been 18 months, eventually he needs to start acting like a president and not just campaign for the office and occasionally look for somebody's ass to kick. Can you imagine if W. would have said something like that? It would have been the top story for 3 months about what a loose cannon the president is.

Ingineer66 said...

Oh and I like my coffee black, just like my president. Sorry couldn't help myself. I am in a weird mood today, I do not normally drink black coffee and I do not care for Mr. Obama being president. Maybe the President of Yale or Harvard.

Rain said...

I do not see Obama as goofing up as badly as you do but then I don't listen to any talk radio these days and don't read any right wing blogs either... well with a couple of minor exceptions once in awhile ;)

Rain said...

but the coffee, I can provide... or a beer or glass of wine too ;)

Ashleigh Burroughs said...

Loved this rant.... you said it all.