Thursday, June 24, 2010

sexual peccadillos in politicians

I am not a prude nor am I one of those who cares much if a politician has an affair or two or three. Now the spouse and family might feel otherwise, but to me the politician I vote for owes me doing his job. If his sex life gets in the way of the job, now that I care about.

What does bother me though is hypocrisy. It's not like I expect them to go out there saying yeah I am doing it with this woman/man or that one; but when they present an image of holier than thou, they better be holier than thou.

When we heard the Gores were divorcing, I actually thought it probably was just the result of a long term marriage, two people growing apart, and I more or less dismissed the possibility of it being an affair, not that I'd have cared if she was getting it on with the gardener or him some woman he met in his travels. Divorce was just how life goes-- rich and famous or not.

I am generally not surprised by politicians but this time I am. You have to be kidding. This is the guy who presented himself as so morally superior to Bill Clinton that he wouldn't even campaign with him when he himself ran for president. It's beginning to look like what he really was was jealous.

If this proves to be what is being claimed, this is not a peccadillo-- not in my eyes. I suppose a case could be made that it's none of our business to read about it as Gore is no longer running for office and was not when this incident allegedly took place. This though wasn't about consensual sex between two adults. This was a man of power taking advantage or trying to take advantage of a working woman.

It seems in the political realm, they are all pretty much doing this and it's just a question of who gets caught. Well they might not all be trying to force someone. Most settle for the ones they can lure in with their powerful positions.

In my opinion, this should not be in the realm of gossip. It should be prosecuted unless the police disbelieve her story. It should not have been shunted aside just because of who Gore is. I understand to go to court whether he is found innocent or guilty enhances his embarrassment, damages any future career he has, but if he did this,it was way beyond embarrassing. And if it's true, she's likely not the only woman he tried it on.

It is kind of ironic, isn't it? I mean here we are again with stained clothing for proof (which again if it's so means whether she agreed or not, something went on). You'd think he'd have learned something, wouldn't you? I guess he did but it was the wrong lesson!


Ingineer66 said...

Amazing a politician is caught with his pants down. It would be news if there wasn't one that was messing around. And this woman is called to give a hotel guest a massage late at night? What was she expecting, tennis lessons?
PS, I do not care for Al Gore one bit it is kind of nice to see him squirm a little bit.

Rain said...

Her claim is that the hotel called her for a VIP client; so that part is on the up and up but she did stay 3 hours. Maybe it took that long to unhook the octopus *s* Most likely she had a conflict between wanting to be paid, not having him give her a bad name to the hotel, and escaping without being raped. I have stayed at that hotel and it is upscale, a boutique hotel where they would only call legitimate masseuses.

wally said...

In other countries it's accepted that a political leader will have sexual relations with women other than his wife. It's the old Alpha male thing. I'm never surpised when it happens here. What bothers me is when a politician claims to be religious and above the fray and then gets caught up in a scandal. Most religious voters that I know always accuse the media of making up the stories.

Kay Dennison said...

The ubiquitous 'they' say that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac and it looks to me as if these old guys use it with abandon. And yeah, Al should have learned something from Bill's antics!!!
Shame on him!!!!

And yeah, I actually agree with Ingineer.

Ingineer66 said...

See Kay, every once in a while be can agree. :-)