Sunday, June 27, 2010

Religiosity and Politics

The link below is something worth reading and thinking about. You who are Christians and feel persecuted if someone even says a critical thing about what Christianity has done, do you really believe someone should be voted for just because you think they are a 'saint'.

Sarah Palin is setting herself up to be an [Aimee Semple McPherson] with one difference-- she's running for political offices based on that and her personal charisma. It's not based on her successfully showing how she can govern, nor is it on practical plans for what she'd do if she got power. She is seeking (and has already come very close to having it) the kind of power that McPherson could only dream about.

This isn't the fault of Palin. She'll ride this horse as far as she can take it. There is always someone like her around. Who can blame her for making a fortune from it and frankly I bet she believes her own propaganda. Big egos tend to do that. That she is this close to real power is happening as the fault of the American voters, who always want something for nothing, and those easily duped by a form of religion. It happens time after time. And incidentally, the more someone spouts off that kind of talk, the more chance there are some secrets buried somewhere.


Kay Dennison said...


You might want check out The Immoral Minority ( It's an Alaskan blog who is dedicated to exposing the lies of Sarah Palin and her family. He seems to be privy to a lot of info.

Robert the Skeptic said...

I often wonder if the Conservatives ever have second thoughts about courting the Religious Right. It reminds me of the people who buy a dog for protection then become afraid it will bite them instead.

It seems like the people who are comforted and motivated by the hollow platitudes of religious belief seem to find equivalent meaning in the clich├ęs mouthed by Palin and others of her ilk.

cj said...


Governor Palin didn't govern successfully in Alaska? Really?

And come on.

You've got to be kidding here.

You think Governor Palin still has buried secrets?


That's freakin' hilarious.



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