Monday, June 25, 2018

summer on a little ranch

After the shearing, here's what came next-- winter's supply of hay. Ranch Boss and a friend traded labor and equipment and got in most of our winter's supply in one day-- one very long day. Only the blackbirds, who have their nests in the barns, were not pleased with the result. We still will need to buy a couple of tons of alfalfa-- oh yeah, and write a big check to cover all that hay :). 

This is a working farm. It's not pretty in the sense that it doesn't look like a picture. Some of the equipment is very old, none of it is new. It's all functional in that it can get a job done. Work like this is hard. It's not rewarded by much money. It though is what makes a person stronger and live with a sense of real values and consequences. There are no pretty words to cover up work that didn't get done. 

The creek is also a functional part of this operation. This place, an original homestead where the first owners had to work to earn it, applied for the first water rights to it. That doesn't mean the farm can take all it wants. Responsibility goes to management of it as well as the grass and the animals that live on it. 

Some think that ranchers are never environmentalists. They are the real environmentalists, in my opinion, in that if you don't take care of the land, it won't take care of you. It's dangerous and sometimes not the healthiest work to do but even small places like ours are part of what feed a nation. Yes, I feel proud we've done this for forty years. We probably won't be able to do it many more given our ages; but while we can, the work will get done and the land will be preserved for whoever comes next.

You wonder why I am a conservative. You see the reason below in these pictures. I've always lived the conservative life. I just hope someday there will be a real conservative party for which I can vote. I don't see it now in any of the main two.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


Due to the fact that elsewhere,I have a long blog due today (on marketing for authors) and due to the fact that the rage from the left regarding immigration is wearing me out, I am putting off my own blog looking on the subject, for Sunday or depending on how I feel-- Monday.

From what I've heard, over and over, I have little hope the left wing in America is looking for a solution to control our southern border-- although the leading candidate for the Mexican presidency has an answer. Anybody who lives in North America has a right to come to the US to live. Not sure if he feels the same about stopping in Mexico. Is Canada up for this also?

Let them all come 

I must add this as I had read the facts being claimed here (from the photographer, Border and the father) but this puts it altogether so nicely and using Time's cover to make the point-- don't believe all you see or hear. Check it out. 

We are in a time where emotions rule and having a cause matters more than finding the truth, which might dilute the 'fun' of the cause. Ugh. It's also where in addition to nastiness, now, hate is a virtue in the name of righteouness-- no matter how it impacts the ones most involved in what's going on, like that currently innocent little girl. I have btw seen a big smiling picture of mother and daughter, wherever they are being held in detention. IF the mother has been deported before, she's likely to be sent back other than all her favorable publicity, where this cover will never be seen. This kind of thing often even sends money someone's way.