Monday, April 16, 2018

birds are worth considering in a time like ours

When the Democrats had power, often their cartoons about the Obamas were ugly. Now the shoe is on the other foot with power having shifted. How'd that work out? Well, people i used to respect, as liberals, put out as much ugly stuff as Repubs ever did. I know dems consider it a virtue to be nasty but ugly too? ugh

The end result is I am convinced the far left and far right are the same for the hate in their souls. They both claim love while they show hate. I don't get it but am not going to try to argue with them. I am into birds, beauty and making life as good as I can for those around me. 

This guy has an unpronounceable name-- at least by me. Phainopepla. You can find him online by googling-- black cardinal. He regularly visits our piece of desert here in Tucson.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

A couple of links worth some time

Reading something in another blog, I went looking for more information. What i found was profoundly disturbing. Sometimes we just would rather not know. Each of the tragedies in these two links start long before bullets began to fly.

I would never imagine wanting to live in San Francisco for a lot of reasons, though it's a pretty city. Still this isn't just about police who are ill-trained and scared. It's about a rich population that assumes it's the good guys when in reality it's a source of at least some of what has gone wrong- not that elites will ever see themselves that way. We live in a time of surprising greed. I don't have an answer to why suddenly that is admired and doesn't care what it does to those it harms...