Saturday, June 23, 2018


Due to the fact that elsewhere,I have a long blog due today (on marketing for authors) and due to the fact that the rage from the left regarding immigration is wearing me out, I am putting off my own blog looking on the subject, for Sunday or depending on how I feel-- Monday.

From what I've heard, over and over, I have little hope the left wing in America is looking for a solution to control our southern border-- although the leading candidate for the Mexican presidency has an answer. Anybody who lives in North America has a right to come to the US to live. Not sure if he feels the same about stopping in Mexico. Is Canada up for this also?

Let them all come 

I must add this as I had read the facts being claimed here (from the photographer, Border and the father) but this puts it altogether so nicely and using Time's cover to make the point-- don't believe all you see or hear. Check it out. 

We are in a time where emotions rule and having a cause matters more than finding the truth, which might dilute the 'fun' of the cause. Ugh. It's also where in addition to nastiness, now, hate is a virtue in the name of righteouness-- no matter how it impacts the ones most involved in what's going on, like that currently innocent little girl. I have btw seen a big smiling picture of mother and daughter, wherever they are being held in detention. IF the mother has been deported before, she's likely to be sent back other than all her favorable publicity, where this cover will never be seen. This kind of thing often even sends money someone's way.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

a loss of a cogent viewpoint

Conservative pundit, Charles Krauthammer died today. It was not a surprise in that two weeks ago, or so, he said he was dying from cancer. Until then, we, those of who enjoyed hearing his opinions, kept hoping he'd be back, writing his column and expressing a pure conservative view on some of the Fox channels. He's a big loss.

I remember a time when I used to hate to read his opinions. And then, as I got more open to a conservative viewpoint, I began to look forward to his opinions when he'd be on Brett Baer (hope I spelled it right). He spoke thoughtfully and was always polite-- even when he clearly thought the other person was speaking foolishness. I still didn't always agree with his viewpoints but hearing someone intelligent discuss a life view for me is always worthwhile. He was not remotely a Trumpist. He was though a very strong conservative for how he expressed that viewpoint.

Until he was off of Fox for a surgery, and then didn't return right away, and there was a special on his life, I had no idea he was a paraplegic, actually a quadriplegic as he could use his hands but not as he had before, when as a young man he broke his neck in a swimming accident. He seemed so animated that I didn't have a clue. Despite his injury, he had gotten an education, had a life and until cancer took him out, led a meaningful life. He was an example-- and a loss. 

I felt bad tonight also as we often do with someone we have only seen on TV and yet who seems part of our lives. He was that for me.

Update: For anyone, who never heard him speak, I found this and yes, it was at Fox. You won't likely hear his words anywhere else. That's too bad but then is it likely for Fox to do a program on Bill Moyer? Our times are what they are. When he spoke on the panel, or even in these words, I can pick at some of them-- like that we were founded the only nation on an idea and that of liberty-- but overlook that we continued for another hundred years to deny it to other humans. But much of what he said in this piece, I mostly would agree with as I've always lived conservatively even as that word has lost its meaning in a political sense.